9/11 Terrorist Attack

BY: Lexi Mazur

What happened that day?

On September 11, 2001, airlines boeing 767 ran into the north building of the Twin Towers in New York City. It crashed into the 80th floor of the 110 story skyscraper leaving hundreds of people trapped in the higher floors. At first, many believed that it was an accident, but later realized that it wasn't.18 minutes later, flight 175 crashed into the south tower. The plane ran into the 60th floor this time. A few moments later, the 2 crashes caused a massive explosion. The media later realized that the crash was not an accident- the planes were both highjacked by Islamic Terrorists.
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Media Portrayal

At first, the media made it out to be that the crash was an accident. Everyone was freaking out that the pilot was not a very good one. They then did some further research about what happened, and they figured out that it was Islamic Terrorists. Everyone seemed to have their own story about what they witnessed. When the news people interviewed them, they all seemed to have something completely different to say about the situation.
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Many people who watched the news about the attack that night, say that the news casters "get in the way" and "get what they want". They say that the press tries to cover up their mistakes and think that they are completely bias when they told the story. There were also some people noticing that there were some terrorists going onto blogs and telling the story incorrectly. They were saying that the whole thing was a big misunderstanding and the crash was a complete accident. They wanted some people to believe them, and it worked. Many people then started questioning the media, wondering if what they were saying was true.
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At first, the media and most other people, were using historical criticism towards this event. They were using this because in the past, everyone knew that the Islamic groups had done horrible things to America. They had never done anything this tragic though. This day was known as the "deadliest day" for a long time. They also knew that the Islamic did not like America too much in the first place. The media seemed to figure out that it was Islamic Terrorists not too long after the event happened.
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September 11th English Project