Science 2013

By: Grace Boucher

Periodic Table

My favorite subject that we learned this year is the periodic table. I liked this lesson because it was something that i have never heard of before.  This was also my favorite because we did fun projects in this lesson. The project we did that i really liked in this lesson was we got to pick an element then we had to do research on that and then present it. My element was oxygen.


My least favorite lesson we did this year was weather. I felt that weather was super boring and all we learned about was clouds. We did do a fun project but it was on weather which i thought was very boring. Also i thought this was very boring because all we did was read out of a book.
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Forces and motion

Force and motion was also a favorite of mine. We have learned about this in 4th and 5th grade so I already knew about this. I also enjoyed this because I learned that i use force and motion everyday.

Properties of light

I really liked learning about properties of light. i likes learning about this beacuse, it taught me how mirrors and eyes really work. This showed how concave, convex, and how plane mirrors work. This also taught me all about how we see nearsighted, farsighted, and normal vision. I am nearsighted and when i went to the eye doctor they just told me i was and didnt know what it meant but know i do.