Louis Esteves

Environment Study Project


The Average Weather For Orlando Florida Is 52oC Also The Total Of Rainfall Is 61 And Rainfalls May Cause Flooding But It May Help Gardens And Plants Even Trees Around The Rain.

Natural Disasters

Hurricane Katrina Was The Deadliest Hurricane In History Which When It Hitted Florida 14 Deaths And 135 People Missing.

Orlando Also Get Floods also having Heavy Rainfall


City officials say the name Orlando originated from a soldier named Orlando Reeves who died in 1835 during a supposed attack by Native Americans in the area during the SSW. Reeves was acting as a sentinel for a company of soldiers that had set up camp for the night on the banks of Sandy


AK1200 – musician/record producer

Casey Anthony – notable criminal suspect

Lance Bass – singer; former member of boy band 'N Sync

Wayne Brady – actor, singer, comedian, and television personality, etc.


The Wildlife Of Orlando are usually birds,deer,fish,sharks, etc.

Also some wildlife even may become hostile.


The culture of Florida A coastal state,Especially those from Latin America and Europe. Florida is a melting pot as well as an international crossroad to the United States.As one of the Southern states, More recently the state has been influenced by the cultures of people moving in from foreign countries and other parts of the United States. Florida culture is also influenced by its economy, most notably from the effects of tourism, a highly important industry in the state.

Also, as one of the New Spain states, it shares history, culture, food and other things with the Spanish, especially Cuban and Puerto Rican.

Overall Reflection

what i learned that orlando florida is a fun place for a vacation even miami is fun as well but living in florida may cause problems because of hurricanes have went through florida.


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Wildlife Of ORlando URL:URL:http://wildfloridairboats.com/wildlife-park/


Created And Edited by: Louis Yandel Esteves Ayala [School Project...]

My Map

I like to go to Gamestop because i like to play video games and FPS shooters also i love to go to seaworld because i like to see shamu and dolphins even Penguins, Seal, Sharks, Even big Fishes! I Love Subway cause of the sandwiches and food they make are so good that i wish i want to eat it every day!