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Welcome back to Dr. Walter Cooper Academy! Once again, we are ready to begin an exciting and rewarding school year. During the summer, we spent a great deal of time preparing for success and we hope your children are refreshed and ready for the challenge! Everyone and everything is all set and ready to begin working with our students.


Here at Dr. Walter Cooper Academy we are a uniform school. We pride ourselves in wearing school colors. School uniforms promote learning, instill pride and unity. When wearing uniforms, students often feel more "important" since they belong to a group. They also give a sense of belonging. For safety reasons wearing uniform makes it easier to keep track of our scholars when you entrust them into our care. School uniforms can be black, white or hunter green tops and tan or black bottoms. Uniforms are expected to be worn Monday to Thursday and Friday is dress down day. We appreciate you working with us in supporting this initiative.


Our school hours are 9:00 am for arrival and dismissal is at 3:30 pm. We are fortunate to have busing for ALL students. If you plan on picking up your child early or do not want them to ride the bus please write the teacher a note or give us a call by 3:00 pm the latest so that we can make sure to have your child waiting for you in the auditorium.


School attendance can have a major impact on a student’s academic success starting in kindergarten and continuing through high school. Even as children grow older and more independent, families play a key role in making sure students get to school safely every day and understand why attendance is so important for success in school and in life. Please help your scholar attend school regularly by scheduling doctors appointments and family vacations outside of school hours.


Family and friends please join us every Friday from 9:20 to 9:50 for our Cooper Circle. Come and join the family and see what our scholars are learning and working on in school.

Dr. Walter Cooper Academy

Dr. Walter Cooper Academy School No. 10 is one of Rochester City School District's elementary schools. Through the EL Education model, the school engages its diverse student body in joyful, rigorous, and fascinating learning experiences. We use both traditional and technological tools, along with resources from our community to help our students learn deeply while developing an internal sense of motivation and pride. We instill in our students both perseverance and a sense of responsibility, as reinforced in our motto, “We never give up, never give up, never give up!”



Mrs. Morales-Kakuda and Mr. Young are excited to work with third grade scholars this year. The first Expedition is their classrooms are ELA which is entitled: Overcoming Learning Challenges Near and Far. Scholars will use reading strategies such as reading closely, making predictions and learning their own strengths and weaknesses in reading. You are encouraged you to read to your scholar nightly and ask questions like: What is the problem of the story? Who are the main characters? How does the author solve the problem?


First math unit focuses on Multiplication and Division using friendly numbers. Students will be taught to use the distributive property as a strategy for larger numbers by the end of this unit.



Fourth grade scholars are reading Love That Dog a poetry book and learning about what poetry is.


Scholars are working by standards in small groups and learning about place value.


Scholars are learning about energy and trying to incorporate hands on activities.



Fifth grade scholars are beginning to study Human Rights while reading Esperanza Rising. After completion students will compose a multi-paragraph monologue as one of the characters from the story.


First math module is all about Place Value and Decimal Fractions. Students this year will reinforce their math skills using ZEARN which can be accessed from home by going to this web address


Students have art class every other letter day. We alternate with library. Ask your scholars how to read a work of art! They are excited to start creating! Sixth grade students interested in auditioning for SOTA (School Of The Arts) for visual arts for grade 7 let me know. Please email me with questions or concerns If you have not already done so please visit my Google site attached to our Dr. Walter Cooper Academy School #10 School homepage. More to come this year!
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  • Scholars are returning their permission slips for choir (Gr. 1 - 6) and instrument lesson (Gr. 4 – 6). Rehearsal and lesson will begin the week of September 16. If your child has misplaced his/her permission slip or did not bring one home, please call Mrs. Cintineo at 585-324-2010 Ext. 1270 and leave a message and I will be sure to get one to them.
  • Scholars in grades 3 – 6 are starting to learn how to play the ukulele. The Arts Department received a grant to purchase instruments and equipment for all of the music rooms in the district. School #10 has received 35 ukuleles for our scholars to practice on. This should be a fun experience for all!
  • Our music room also has received new drums. These Festival Drums are a little smaller than the typical African Drum, so they’re perfect for our students in grades k-2. Soon your child will be telling you about the new drums the class got to play!


In PE students are working on the “Helium Stick” activity which is a cooperative activity where each person has to have one index finger touching under the stick and they have to try and lower it to the floor without anyone’s index finger coming off the stick.

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The Fall Curbside Market schedules are now up on the Foodlink website! The idea is to bring fresh, affordable produce to areas where fresh fruits and vegetables are not easily accessible. The market accepts cash, debit, SNAP and WIC and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program (FMNP) checks. Customers who use their SNAP benefits can get twice the value through the Double Up Food Bucks program.

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Thank you to our staff Mrs. Irizarry and Mrs. Lagonegro for sharing with our parents on how they can support scholars this year in Kindergarten. Shout out to ALL the parents who were able to attend and for those who were unable to attend please come and see us during our open house this Thursday from 6-7:30pm