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Top Hat

Top Hat

Platform: all platforms

Price: Free for up to 30 students/class


Top Hat combines the polling of Poll Everywhere, the quizzing of Socrative, and the presentation mark up of AirSketch all in one, easy to use application. It allows you to create "engaging lecture experiences." It isn't an app, per se, but allows you to use your students' mobile devices to follow the lecture, annotate on their own copy on their iPad, take surveys, and take quizzes.

Before your class you just add your presentations then create your polls and questions. During class you run the presentation from your iPad, mobile and with no cables. You can annotate on the presentation then trigger questions during the lecture. If your classes are less than 30 students it's completely free to use. That being said, if it's over 30 it's fairly expensive ($20 per student per semester).

Student Engagement and Top Hat


  • delivering lectures
  • delivering polls
  • checking for understanding
  • delivering quizzes

Final Thoughts

I don't really have any thoughts on this product yet. I've not used it extensively but it offers so many options that I think it's worth looking into.

Mendi Benigni

Instructional Technologist: School of Education, Health and Human Performance

College of Charleston