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Simran Sidhu

This is me!

Hi, my name is Simran Sidhu. I am 16 years old and the oldest sibling in my family. I am very responsible, and an active person. I am a part of the Athletic council at my high school (Louise Arbour Secondary School). I enjoy playing sports and cooking! My second best place other than my bedroom at home is the kitchen. It needs to stay clean and have a scented candle. Anyway, to find out more about me keep reading mt page!

Who am I?

To add on to the paragraph on top, I am a very interactive and enthusiastic person... and you'll know I am if you get to know me better. I am the oldest sibling which means I have a lot of responsibilities with a younger sister and brother. I also babysit my cousins dog on the weekend which means more work! But I love dogs so I have no problem! Other than work, I also love travelling to different places and nature! One of my favorite activity is treetop trekking at Heart Lake! I have been to many places around the world such as Pennsylvania, Buffalo, New York,Vancouver, India, England, Brussels, and places I can't remember!

Simran's Birthday!

Friday, March 4th, 12am

Brampton, ON, Canada

Brampton, ON

My Life Line :)

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When I was born!

I was born on March 4, 2000 between 11:45 pm and 11:55 pm (my mom thinks I was born at this time although she left my birth certificate at the hospital {Etobicoke general}... way to go mom!).

My favourite things!

My Leadership Style?

My leadership style after doing the survey is a mix. I got well developed styles, and styles need some further development. For well developed the main 2 that I got were Affiliative meaning I value and create emotional bonds and harmony. I am a caring person in short. The second thing for this I got was Coaching. This means I develop people and allow them to try different approaches in open ways. I always motivate them to try new things. For Styles need that need further development, I got Visionary meaning I like to see the future, and democratic meaning I ask peoples views before doing something.

My influences

My Influences

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My influence/role model is my dad. He is my role model because I am just like him. The way he talks, sits, and works is exactly the same as me. After my dad passed away, everyone looks at me and always tells me about how I talk like him and look exactly like him. My mom wasn't always a positive person and was really reserved, but since she got married to my dad she became the exact opposite. Even me. I'm positive, talk a lot, and live my life in such a fun way because of how my dad influenced me. He always told me that "you should add life to your days and not days to your life" and since he said that I consider this quote everyday and make sure I follow it. So if anyone influences me it is my dad... followed by my mom.


Honestly, I don't know how my future is going to be and i'm just a person that goes with the flow. But I have some of it planned out;

My family (symbols)

Quiz Results

Learning styles, Personality, Interests, Knowledge, and Motivations Quiz

Learning skills results

  • I am a visual auditory learner which means I learn best by hearing, listening, and seeing.

Personality Quiz

  • I am a ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, and Judging). I am a person that has no problems working in a group, and I gather facts/information through my own personal experience.

Interests Quiz

  • The Sensei (IS) who is a person that teaches based on wisdom. My primary interest trait is investigation, and my secondary interest trait is social.

Knowledge Quiz

  • My top subject area is physical education. This simply means I like sports, wellness, and health sciences.

Motivations Quiz

  • My main motivational factor is achievement. This means I like putting my knowledge and thinking to test at times.

Multiple Intelligence's Quiz

For this quiz, my top two multiple intelligence were interpersonal, and visual/spatial. Which means I am a more social person and like to have visual displays when I am working to get the best results.

Career/learning style Quizzes

Career (Work preferences) Quiz
  • When I did this quiz, I got 95% for social as my method of working, 80% for innovative, and 79% for methodical.

Multiple Intelligence's Quiz

  • My top three multiple intelligence's are; visual/spatial, interpersonal, and logical/mathematical.

True Colors Quiz

In this quiz, my true colors were gold, and orange. I had a tie in these two colors.Being gold means you are planning events ahead of time, don't like messes, and think about consequences before you make a decision. Being orange means you are an athlete. You are active, enthusiastic, and take risks.

Meyer-Briggs Personality Quiz

After doing this quiz, I got 76% for extraverted (this trait determines how we interact with our environment), 66% observant (this trait shows how we direct our mental health), 60% feeling (this trait determines how we make decisions and cope with emotions), 64% judging (this trait reflects our approach to work, planning, and decision making), and 68% assertive (this trait underpins all others, showing how confident we are in our abilities and decisions).

John Holland Career Clusters

My career type
  • I am a thinker (such as researchers)

Score Summary

  • I have 6 interest areas (from highest to lowest) thinking (high), helping (moderate), persuading (moderate), building (low), and creating (low).

Right or Left Brain test

In this test, I got 42% for right brain and I got 62% for the left brain which means I am a left brain person. This test says I am a literal, articulate, and to the point person. We are understanding and logical. One bad thing about being a left brain is that we are very emotional individuals.

Reflection of Quizzes

The most accurate test was the true colors test for me. This is because I am already aware of myself and I know my likes and dislikes. After doing this test I have answered all the questions accurately and got the results that I am an orange and a gold. The oranges are athletic people and honestly I am also athletic, and gold are organized....which is me! So when I completed the test and got these results, I knew that now I am definitely an orange and gold so the test was accurate.

The most helpful test to help me determine who I want to be was the My Blueprints 'Learning Styles' quiz. These test has multiple questions for you to answer and then tells you which career best suits you. For me, I want to be in the medical field, but then again there are so many fields to choose from. But when I did this test, it bets choose the ones that suited me when I did the test and narrowed them down. Then at the end they had a compatibility test with it to choose from which made it more accurate for what job suits you the best. The jobs that suited me the best were Registered nurse, Ophthalmologist, and family physician.

The least helpful test was the right or left brain test, because there were only a few questions to answer. When the test was completed only a few descriptions of the results were given and other than that it was kind of useless for me.

My four strengths are that I am caring, responsible, organized and that I am athletic. I am caring person as in I am concerned fro people and always care about their emotions. I am responsible meaning I take care of everything I do and my stuff. I am organized which means I have everything planned out most of the time, and lastly athletic meaning I love sports and play sports.

My four weaknesses are I am sensitive which means I always pay too much attention to what other people have to say about me. I am stubborn sometimes depending on what the topic is or if someone is touching my personal stuff. I am told that I am naive meaning I let people take advantage of me. Lastly, I am lazy depending on what I did. Like after I walk a marathon, or on the weekends on general!

What I learned about myself is that I am not only athletic but also an organized freak! I also learned that I wasn't really sure about what I want to be but after looking at my personality with the quizzes, I know that I will fit best in the medical field and that I am more capable of becoming someone other than what I thought. What surprised me was that I always thought that I am strong and hard but after answering the questions and getting these results, I realized that I am sensitive than I thought. Other than that, nothing else surprised me.