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by Shimaar


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This poem is about the citical theroy in the great gastby. Applying critical theroy into stories can really deepen one's knowledge about the text that they are reading. The great gastby is one of those text that you can understand once you've apply it. One theroy that can be used is marxism theroy, a social constuct that evaluates the class system in our society. This means how people who belongs in different classes in societies interacts with one another and how they view each other. This poem is about how the two worlds coexist with each other and how they can see each from a different angle. This is prevealant in the Great Gastby with the relationship of Gastby and Dasiy, two people who are in different classes who formed a bond with each other and sees them as regular people despite of their classes. Although, they will have a fallen out, their relationship helps gives marxism theroy a standing in the great gastby.

journal entry #1

This poem is taking inspiration from when Gatsby and Dasiy first meet back in the day. Gatsby was poor and was admire by Dasiy for her charm and her way of dressing. Dasiy was the rich girl who was also intriged by Gatsby for a time but she also wanted more from him but he could not fullfill that need. And from this need, she finds Tom, a guy who is in the same social class as her and can give Daisy what she wants. This poem is based on how the two worlds (the rich and poor world) see each other and how they can fullfill each other. Dasiy tends to see that poor people can't handle the expection of a rich person because they are not at the finicale level as they are. Gastby thought that because of her kindness, rich people can still be loving even if they have more opprotunies then he does.

journal entry #2

The one creative change I made while making this poem is twisting the outcome of when these two forces meet each other. In the book, when Gastby and Dasiy meet, it seem like Gastby was the only one trying to make the relationship work as he was the one most intrigned. Although Dasiy was also into Gastby for a while, her loytial to her social class caused to not be commited to Gastby and ends up being with tom once Gastby was out in the military. In my poem, I made the both worlds see each other for what they were which causes them to realize that they are not so different as they thought.

How can reading critically through literary lenses change our understanding of a story?-Marxism

Marxism is a theory that talks about the social class in our society and how it affects the people in our society. They usually tend to say that there are two sides; a rich side and a poor side and that these two sides should never try to mix up with each other. The concept of marxism has affected the way most people see our society as we see many types of media that critiques this theory. One such piece of media is “The Great Gatsby” which tackles such theory by the way that the characters interact with each other. In “The great gatsby” Characters are broken off to different social classes. The way they interact with each other helps push the narrative and deepen the themes in the story.

As stated before, the characters in the book are in these different social lives and they all interact and treat them a certain why. Most of the time, those who are rich would often look down on those who are poor and can’t help themselves. This thought process can affect those who are poor in many ways and one such way is motivation. Them being ostracized in society can drive them to bring themselves up in the social change so that they can be accepted which is fitting for the main character of the book, Garsby. Gatsby is a walking example of a hard worker going from being poor into being a successful person but that came with a cause of him not getting the full american dream. This dream is the luxury of being fully respected by the rich peers that he would eventually join them being especially Daisy. When they first meet, Gatsby was if anything more inclined of starting things up with Daisy then her,“I can’t describe to you how surprised I was to find out I loved her, old sport. I even hoped for a while that she’d throw me over, but she didn’t, because she was in love with me too. She thought I knew a lot because I knew different things from her… . Well, there I was, ‘way off my ambitions, getting deeper in love every minute, and all of a sudden I didn’t care.”pg.115(pdf). Even though she did show some interest she still wasn’t satisfied and him knowing that he tried everything in his power to change that. He sold drugs, he went to the army and he even went to college just to drop out just to show her that he did have an education. His reward for all of that was to see her and another guy named Tom having a blast at their honeymoon in French. Although he achieved wealth, he never achieved respect because it wasn’t natural, born money that got him up there but ruthless money grabbing that got him to where he is but was still trapped inside of his lower class etiquette.

On the other end of the spectrum, the characters who already achieved the american dream often are those who see themselves as more important than those around them. When people have everything they have nothing to worry about and this character type fits the main female character, Daisy. She is one of the most outgoing people in the book as she essentially was living the life. Her whole life, she was rich and dated those who are rich even though some of them would treat her like trash. It was until she met Gatsby and she got a different taste in life and she was intrigued by him somewhat.“I can’t describe to you how surprised I was to find out I loved her, old sport. I even hoped for a while that she’d throw me over, but she didn’t, because she was in love with me too.pg.115(pdf). Eventually, their little blossoming of love did not last long mainly because of her beliefs. She would end up with Tom, a man who has money and can cater to all of her needs.

Marxism is one of the themes in the book that can give more insight to the characters in the book. The idea of the american dream is also warped around Marxism as Gatsby is chasing it so that he could impress Daisy but soon fails because he wasn’t born rich at all. No matter how much you change your roots will always follow you and gatsby wasn’t spared from it for the rest of life until the end.