Tech Talk

October 2, 2015

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Online Keyboard Program Pilot

Park Village, Deer Canyon, Tierra Bonita, Canyon View, Creekside. Monterey Ridge, Sunset Hills, Mesa Verde Middle, and Twin Peaks Middle will be piloting an online typing programs. The two programs are: Typing Agent. The pilot will run from Oct 12-Nov 20.

Hewlett Packard Visit for Systems Analysts and Developers

The Systems Analysts and Developers will be visiting HP on Friday, October 9th in the afternoon. The focus of this visit will be on analyzing how different organizations take an idea from inception to application. We will be using these visits to see how other organizations effectively work between and among teams, while also rethinking our own processes and how we might more effectively and efficiently connect our work. Part of the time will be used to plan next steps as two integrated teams.

Chromebook Orders to Arrive Soon

We expect the new chromebooks to arrive within the next 3-4 weeks. All elementary and middle schools chromebook carts will come with headphones and mice. Don't forget to send Ed ( the IP address of any printers to be used with Chromebooks.


1. Headphones and mice will be purchased for all of the new carts of Chromebooks for Elementary and Middle schools.

2. There will be a Chromebook training lab in the District Office computer lab.

3. To prepare for the chromebook roll out, a Google/Chromebook training for LANs and Network Analysts will be provided at the LAN meeting on Monday, 10/5. The training will include:

  • how to log-in

  • downloading apps

  • what system controls can do

  • user rights

Please bring your technical questions to the meeting.

Chromebooks to ELL Students

In an effort to most effectively meet the needs of our immigrant English Language Learner population, LSS has purchased Chromebooks with Title III Immigrant ELL funds. On Monday, October 5, 2015, LSS will be distributing approximately 50 of these Chromebooks to middle and high school immigrant ELL students, who do not currently have a computer at home. They will also be providing training on the use of the Chromebooks for parents and students at that time.

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