LOL Productions Has Improved

Special Effects!

By: Maiyah S., Ashley W., and Katie B.

The Problem and Solution

The Problem is 'How Might We Stay In Business'

The Solution To Our Problem Is To Install Special Effects And Heating/Cooling In The Seats.

Special Effects

We have added a variety of special effects to our theatres in movie chairs! For example we added heated chairs, moving chairs, and coolers inside of arm rests (4-D- effects).

How a 4D Cinema Works

Who Is Involved??

Technicians, Mechanics, and Engineers Would Be Pretty Helpful! We will use these groups of people to help/install our plan in to our movie theatre.


Our back up plan incase our original plan fails, is to partner with an adventure capitalist (Invest). They could help us a lot with attracting customers.

Calender (Our Time Line)

1. First, we will design, edit and revise a blueprint.

2. Second, we will consult with a group of technicians and engineers which will take us 2-3 days.

3. Third, we will start the project, it should take 1-2 months to finish.

4. Fourth, we will start advertising for the new improvements. That will take 2-3 weeks.

5. Fifth, Finish the project!!!

How Do We Know It Worked?

We will set a goal and then chart down our ticket sales. Hoping that the ticket sales will increase.