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Superhero staff BELIEVE, Superhero students Acheive!

Thank you for your team effort the first week back, it appears most routines fell right into place! We show up for kids!

As we reflect on attendance (as we discussed Monday), this was the outcome:

Certified attendance :

Monday=95%, Tuesday=95%, Wednesday=97%, Thursday=90%, Friday=93%

Support Attendance:

Monday=87%, Tuesday=87%, Wednesday=87%, Thursday=94%, Friday=94%

Student Attendance:

Monday=90.19%, Tuesday=91.10%, Wednesday=94.48%, Thursday=92.08%, Friday=99.82%

How will you continue to get students here in the cold and rain ?

Thank YOU!

It's cold! Were you wishing for a snow day? Surely not! In view of a short week ahead ( this week and next), time is of the essence! The days are numbered for our next SRI, SMI and MAP administration, every day counts! As we School Forward & Beyond, remember the sense of urgency we must work with. Leonardo da Vinvi once said, "I have been impressed with the urgency of doing. Knowing is not enough. We must apply. Being willing is not enough. We must do." This resonates with me, does it with you?

Kudos! We prepare students for academic excellence but we are working outside of school hours to support kids in citizenship, character development, and creativity. Our superhero students are currently able to attend dance, robotics, tutoring, boys scouts and will soon begin camp fire and basketball! It's because of you that our Bell families will succeed.

Compliance for the week of Jan. 11th - Jan. 15th

Focus walk for the week will continue to be Indicator 1 (Preparation) and Indicator 4 (Lesson Plans) , however we will include Indicator 2 ( discipline ).


Lesson Plans due in Dropbox

Staff Meeting in Bell Upper ( 3:15-4:15)


Lesson Plans due in Dropbox ( SPED)

PLC K, 1,2 ( bring data and ensure pre-work is complete from PLC WEEK OF 12/14--exit tickets )


ALL Report Cards go home

PLC 6,5 (bring data and ensure pre-work is complete from PLC WEEK OF 12/14--exit tickets)

Thursday :

2nd Quarter Awards Assembly (9-10, 1-2)

PLC 3,4 ( bring data and ensure pre-work is complete from PLC week if 12/14--exit tickets)

IEP: Hill, Goodwin


  • Professional Development
  • Weekly Grades DUE

2 reading grades due in PowerSchool

2 math grades due in PowerSchool

1 social studies grade due in PowerSchool

1 science grade due in PowerSchool

Best Wishes......

Mr. Spaulding has an amazing opportunity to join the Mason Building ( ESC) as a full time-12 month employee, a promotion and an opportunity to advance and support Tulsa Schools. We hate to lose him, but are excited for his opportunity! January 14th will be his last day.

His support as one of our site techs will continue to filled by the other two site techs ) Ms. Martin & Ms. Parks, as we look to hire another site tech to support the varying and volume of needs.

Support staff PD 1, deadline reminder 1/20/16. PD2, attend PD your teacher is scheduled to attend on 1/15/16.

January 20, 2016 DEADLINE

1st PD TPS Support Course 2015: Required Support Professional Development Open attachment (PD Instructions) and follow to complete your On-line Professional Development

Risk Management, FERPA Review, Classroom Management, Roles of Paraprofessionals and Teachers, Strategies for English Language Development

This online professional learning opportunity will allow you to complete required hours at times that are convenient to you. In this course, you will gain an awareness of (1) creating a safe work environment and procedures to follow to avoid accidents, (2) the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, (3) classroom and school management procedures to ensure student success, (4) identify the roles and expectations of paraprofessionals and teachers, and (5) strategies for English Language Development. This course is divided into sections, or modules. Each module is designed to be independent of the others, so you do not need to complete them in order nor do you need to complete a module in one sitting.

Approximate Time: 4 hours

Created: November 2015

Expires: January 20, 2016

Course Questions: See the FAQ page at the end of this tutorial. If you are still in need of assistance, please contact Sheri Underwood, Vicki Berry-Cox, or Linda Thompson. Contact info is at the bottom of this page.

Registration Code: UGC243617X452773


During the district PD on January 15th, it is our aim to make PD selections from several factors; what areas of PD will advance my work, what area of PD will advance student learning in my locust of control and then as I've worked with my evaluator (TLE)-what feedback and support have I received and what PD would further support that area? This process was intended to provide autonomy for personal professional development. (Our site PD was determined by your request last year 2nd semester, TLE trends based on observations and district expectations). As you consider these factors, if you need to make changes to your selections please do so no later than Jan. 12. Our site selections need to be accurately reflected on our master (list).

IMPORTANT: Be sure that you have selected sessions provided by the "DISTRICT" and not individual sites. The catalog has a section where you can see individual site PD and DISTRICT PD. If you are uncertain, please recheck. Sessions are rapidly filling up and you want to have a seat for your 1st choice selections.

I have included several supports to assist you:

District PD Catalog:

Bell January PD Selections (if you haven't made a selection, do so quickly ensuring you have informed me and/or Fraser):


1. Eureka Math: Focus on Fluency

Program: District Catalog

Audience: K - 5 math teachers, K-5 principals, Elementary math instructional coaches

Dates: 1/16/2016

Location: Wilson

In A Story of Units, fluency practice is a daily, substantial, and sustained activity that is carefully designed to help students develop the speed and accuracy that allow them to solve complex problems efficiently. Many fluency routines build from grade to grade, developing further coherence within the curriculum and leveraging the time spent introducing each routine. In this workshop, participants will examine and practice three types of fluency work that appear frequently in the curriculum-counting exercises, white board exchanges, and Sprints-and will take home strategies that they can use immediately to invigorate their mathematics instruction.

GAPS in your PD Sessions on Jan. 15th? Here are your options..................

You will find that some session schedules cause for gaps in your day. Do one of two things (as this is a regular full work day):

1. Find an additional training offered at that time

2. Plan a team work session to plan/collaborate (Yayyyy!!), you may meet off campus, at Bell--if you make this selection let me know because I will have to make arrangements (I'll be in PD as well) or collaborate on a Google Doc. The idea is to plan for you success and student success for Unit 4 and beyond. This planning session will save you some time and provide a clear road map for instruction and assessment for this Unit and the coming Unit (5). If you choose this option; I will need the following:

  • Calendared dates for teaching specific standards for Unit 4 and/or beyond

  • Calendared dates for assessing student progress for weekly standards for Unit 4 and/or beyond (weekly exit ticket from the standards taught that week with 6-7 questions) that the entire grade level (depends on content) will administer.

  • Calendared dates for administering the district check-in Unit 4 and/or beyond

Please don't "overthink" the assessment or believe that you have to create something different or difficult. We have discussed with most grade levels a way to do this with ease (i.e. use a foldable blank page and give students 6-7 questions that the team selected based on the standard(s) taught from that week. This can be located from item specs or other sources that are standards based). For primary grades, sample questions can come from the MAP checklist or other standards based curriculum. This data will be used in PLC (teacher pre-work will be to identify by your many student got each question correct, what were the trends, how did you teach that standard, plan for reteach, grouping by mastered-approaching-far below. This will be the format of our conversations in PLC's from this point forward.

Sample PLC Agenda

Culture Walk

Student Discipline, Joy & Engagement, physical space (classroom & common area),

Sooo... We've had a few days to reflect on our practices and plan for an additional week. It is now evident that school wide we have some GE Practices going, what plans do you have that are linked to the practices for the week? What is on-going ?

You will remember earlier in the school year, a team completed a site wide walk through visit into classrooms and in common areas. A team will travel side wide to do the same thing in the coming few weeks. Attached is the template that will be used to gather information on the culture walk through. Please remember this is NOT and evaluation and NO part of this process will be considered as a part of your Tulsa Model (TLE). This is our collaborative work to plan, do, study and act ( PDSA) on the culture and climate of our school. This is common areas and classrooms. We own our work! Our team walk through are exciting for me, as it allows time for each team to observe the work of others to see the great things that others are doing with and for their students.

For a heads up the template it is attached here and visual of it is below:

Big image

GRIT.....Remember the GRIT TEST, how much GRIT do you students have? We will continue the work/ discussion with Ms. Ingle.

Here is an very focused group of 5th grade students and their teacher; they are reviewing SMART goals. The 2 minutes are worth it!
Grit Curriculum Lesson: Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals

Helping student learn about the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Help students put into perspective the contributions of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. This is a video facilitated by "our" very own, Kid President. Below are other resources listed to assist you in integrating this topic.

The Story of Martin Luther King Jr. by Kid President

TLE (Tulsa Model)

We are now in the 2nd cycle of TLE, therefore official observation and observation feedback cycles are beginning for both probationary and career teachers. As in the previous semester, you will receive notification from your respective "evaluator" providing a window per the TCTA language. For additional reference the rubric and TLE handbook is attached:

Teacher Rubric:

TLE Handbook:

Librarian Rubric:

Counselor Rubric:

Student Survey & OU Survey

In view of your data from student perception surveys, attached is a link for additional resources (overview, etc.). As you use the information to reflect, know that we will be working together to understand additional ways too disaggregate our site data. Additionally, you will soon receive a survey to provide feedback regarding your administrator. Please be sure to reflect on our site goals, PD, collective and individual work as we School Forward and Beyond. Data can sometimes be "emotional" because it is "personal." As you consider "the work" look for the objectivity/facts in our work. Looking forward 2016!!! #GO #SuccessTPS #SCHOOLFORWARD&BEYOND

Student Survey FAQ's

7C's Overview

Understanding your Classroom Report


Saturday, Jan. 30th, 8am-4pm

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