Merry Christmas Y'all!

from the Grumans

e-Christmas card

It was about one year ago that I received a Christmas card in my email from some family friends. In the card, our friend explained that in lieu of spending money to mail out Christmas cards, their family chose to send that money to a charity. They challenged all of their friends to do the same in 2015. We have accepted their challenge (thanks Ross family). You are receiving this Christmas card electronically and we have chosen to increase our usual donations to a charity close to our family.

My brother-in-law, Gareth, works for a human rights organization called Asia Catalyst that works to empower the people in impoverish communities in Asia to ensure the most basic of human rights. Gareth works primarily in areas where there are high concentrations of people with HIV/AIDS and works to educate and empower oppressed groups, often women, in those areas. Our monetary donation ensures that a community leader in an impoverish area will receive a full curriculum of material to help defend the human rights of the most vulnerable and marginalized community members such as LGBT people and those living with HIV/AIDS.

Now it's your turn, we challenge you to make this small change in 2016. Help us pay it forward by choosing to donate to a charitable organization that is close to your hearts. I can't wait to hear about all of the good that will happen next year and hope our donations make a difference.

Oh, What a Year!

As we bring 2015 to a close and reflect on the past year, it has not been without its challenges, but has been an amazingly awesome year as well. We are so thankful for you all (or shall I say y'all), our friends and family, who make our lives richer, happier, and fuller.


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Peter & Tracy

- In April ran the Boston Marathon along with Tracy's sister, Amy, and brother, Scott.

- Celebrated 17 years of marriage

- Tracy continues teaching Spanish 1 & 2

- Peter continues to work as a Nurse Practitioner in emergent care

- Peter also started working in an urgent care clinic

- Have lived in TX for 7 years and are really started to embrace our Texan identity

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- Proudly hit double digits this year - the big ONE ZERO!!

- Continues in the ASPIRE academy in 5th grade

- Participated in the math Olympiad, school spelling bee, and school choir

- Is in her 5th year of piano lessons

- Started her 2nd year of the MARS swim club

- 3rd year as an Indian Princess (daddy/daughter organization)

- Participated in a robotics competition with 2 friends over the summer

- Went ziplining and did obstacle courses for her birthday

- Best friends and worst enemies with her sister

- Shows good solid signs that she'll be in middle school next year

- Has laser focus attention (which challenges her ability to listen to her parents)

- Loves building, creating, manipulating anything she can get her hands on

- Runs 5K races with her Tía Amy every few months

- Wants to attend MIT and become an engineer. :)

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- In 2nd grade already! (How can that be?!?!)

- 8 years old in September

- Is the sweetest kid - I know I'm biased, but it's true!

- Her sweet contrasts well with her sass

- Soccer, soccer, soccer, soccer! The girl can kick!!!

- Just started her 2nd year of academy soccer - Go Thunder!

- In her 3rd year of taking piano lessons

- 3rd year as an Indian Princess

- Participates in garden club and coding club at school

- In her 6th year of foreign language immersion or dual immersion at school (learning Spanish - though she still prefers English)

- Is becoming quite the reader - I love listening to her read in Spanish. :)

- Loves being outside hoola hooping, jumping rope, playing with sidewalk chalk, riding bike or jumping on the pogo stick

- Loves working on crafts and developing photography skills

- Runs 5K races with her Tía Amy every few months

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The family

This summer we were able to get away to White Sands National Monument where we enjoyed below average temperatures allowing us to do some sand sledding. Our next stop was to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. We hiked to the bottom of the caves via the "natural entrance" and experienced the amazing stalagtites and stalagmites of the caves. One evening we were able to view the mass exodus of the cave bats.....that was crazy!!! 300,000 bats exiting the cave all around the same time. Super cool! The best part of the trip though was the glow stick party at the hotel that evening. I hope that is a memory that sticks with them through the years.
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Special thanks to Tía Amy for the awesome family Christmas photos!!!