An Alien's guide to Earth

A guide to 4 of the best physical features on planet Earth

Old Faithful Will Blow your Mind

Old Faithful has been around for at least 135 years.

Did you know? 3 million people visit the Old Faithful area every year

Old Faithful has many challenges like: There is too many tourists, and now it takes longer to erupt. It also has opportunities including: lots of tourism, and is the only geyser to have a predicted eruption time

Travel Tips and Packing List

❤️- Can have good family educational trips

CAUTION- Hot water spewing from geyser

Packing List- Binoculars, rain suit, camera

Welcome to the Ural Mountains

Guaranteed to be rich in learning and culture

Some Tips and Things you Should Pack

❤- Really cool views

CAUTION- Very high points (6,000 ft)

Packing list- Climbing gear, camera, language book, and rain boots

I'm falling for Niagara Falls

Challenges/Opportunities that make it great

Niagara Falls is conveniently located in Canada and the US.

Did you know? Niagara Falls has 750,00 gallons of water fall per second!!

Challenges include lots of tourism, destination is losing population fast, and pollution

Opportunities are tourism, money, both sides of the border(USA & Canada) =population

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Things you Should Pack and Some Good Tips

❤- Beautiful views

CAUTION- Don't get caught on border

Packing List= Binoculars, rain suit, lots of money

Sail into the Mediterranean Sea

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Struggles and Openings

The Mediterranean presents good history and travel.

Did you know? This sea holds 17,000 marine species!

Challenges - Environmental problems

Opportunities- Traveling, tourism, great biodiversity

Think about Tips and Packing List

❤- Traveling, tourism, good biodiversity

CAUTION- Environmental problems

Packing List- Diving suit, life jacket, fishing pole, camera

How We Humans Break up our Earth

Here are 3 different ways humans regionalize the Earth

Some places you might like to visit

Here are 4 examples

1) Black Seas

2) Lake Michigan

3) Mount Rushmore

4) Mount Fuji

Thanks for Reading!!

And remember, keep Earth great!!!
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Made by: Brandon Kusnier

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