70's people is Medieval World!

With beards, no mosquitos, and Squirt


Problems that may arise in our society are diabetes death of animals that rely on mosquitoes for their food. As well people who may appose the beard trend or genetically are unable grow beards. We will outlaw razors and all shaving tools and people who are not able to grow facial hair will not be punished but will have to keep the facial hair that they can grow. As well we will eat very healthy food and will have steady exercise. Animals that only eat mosquitoes will end up either dying off or adapting.A draw back to living in our society would be that their are a significant lack of entertainment and technology.People can leave as they please but our society lives under the assumption that we are the only society on earth.This may be considered a Dystopia by Beard hating mosquito loving people who do not drink soda and as well hated the 70's.


Reason for existence

Our society came to be by large nuclear warfare throughout the world that destroyed everything but a castle, this castle is home to a small amount of humans but these humans have lost their memory from extensive trauma. In this castle there is only things from the 70's as well the only drink is the worlds largest amount of squirt. The nuclear war left a medieval looking setting outside and made mosquitoes go extinct.

Why it's special

Anyone who lives in our society is special because they are survivors of a nuclear war and are restarting community and are lucky enough to never have to deal with mosquitoes and will have all the squirt you can drink.

American dream

The modern day American Dream stands for freedom, equality, and self expression. In 70's People in Medieval everyone is treated with equal respect and kindness. As long as everyone follows our few rules of only drinking squirt and not questioning authority, everyone is equal. However, people do not have complete freedom in our society and can not express them selves. Everyone must been in their most high quality 70's attire at all times and do not get a choice in their drink. Squirt is only allowed.

Comparison to F451

Our society is similar to Fahrenheit 451 because in our society memories of the past are not available to everyone. Our society is also similar to the book because of the fact that in Fahrenheit 451 books do not really exist but they don't not exist by choice they have just all been destroyed. Unlike the book in our society there is not a government so there is no spying on everybody or any monitoring of people. As well unlike Fahrenheit 451 there is lots of conversation and TV is extinct. The intellectual in our society will be viewed well because of the fact that we need them to rebuild society and we encourage abstract ideas.