Tea Party

Literacy Strategy

Tea Party in the Classroom

  • Teacher will make cards or sentence strips with experts from book or story the class is working on
  • Students individually practice reading the sentence strip/card they have selected
  • Students circulate around the room for 10- 15 minutes, finding someone to read their sentence to
  • Each student reads their sentence to their partner, then finds another
  • The whole class comes back together and discusses what they have learned

Why Have a Tea Party?

  • Helps student make predictions in prereading
  • Encourages postreading reflection
  • Allows for vocabulary practice
  • Better comprehension of BIG ideas
  • Practice reading aloud

When to Have a Tea Party!

  • To introduce a lesson or unit
  • Wrap up a lesson or unit
  • When scaffolding is needed
  • When students need to build background knowledge