The Florence Cathedral

Did you know that the Florence Cathedral was built for a competition? In this essay, we will highlight the history of the monument, significance of its existence in Italy, and it's aesthetic value to its surrounding and culture.

The 376 foot monument was constructed to put their competitors to rest. Italian cities competed to have the biggest and most extravagant cathedrals. Pisa started in 1063, Siena started in 1260 while Florence started in the late thirteenth century.

Even though they started late the monument was remembered by its spectacular appearance and gothic style. There was some confusion, between the designers, on how they were supposed to build a 37,000 ton dome without it caving in. The brick dome, largest brick dome ever made, is freestanding with only inner support. After one hundred years of construction, the dome still had not been completed.

The beauty of the outside matches the brilliance of the inside. The cathedral is covered in paintings and murals unlike any other. Including paintings by Paolo Uccello and Andrea del Castagno. Even in the famous dome, artists have managed to paint beautiful works of art.

Now you know the history, the significance and the aesthetic value of the Florence Cathedral. Italy is a great place to study history and art.