Point of View

Who's side are you on???

Who is telling the story?

1st person: The story is being told by the character or 1st hand account

Keywords: I, Me, My, We

2nd person: The narrator is talking to the reader

Keywords: You, your

3rd person: The story is told by a narrator

keywords: He, She, They

Now we are going to dig deeper...

How does point of view effect the way the story is told?

How does a story change depending on your point of view?

Loyalists VS Patriots
Schoolhouse Rock- No More Kings
Patriots and Loyalists

American Revolution and Point of View

What are the different points of view you noticed in the videos?

How did people view events based on their position? (The stamp act, The battle of Bunker Hill, Common Sense)

In Conclusion:

When we think about point of view, think about how the author wants you to think or feel. Look at evidence in the text of what characters say and do to see their point of view.