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Program Updates - 17 May 2013

About T4L News for ITD

Welcome to our first T4L News for ITD update. T4L News for ITD aims to keep you in the loop on the latest developments within the T4L Program. So you don't miss out, we'll be sending you a link every month directly to your inbox with the latest update. Hope you enjoy our very first edition and we also welcome your feedback.

Project updates

eT4L Primary Schools

More than 1470 primary schools have now been migrated to the eT4L solution. This represents a total of 83 per cent of primary schools in NSW and just under 123,000 devices have been built with the new image.

The pilot for the new file permissions and structure retrofit has been completed. At the moment, a schedule is being developed to roll out the retrofit to those schools before 8 March 2013. This process is expected to be finalised by the end of June.

Planning for the piloting of the change of sign on solution in schools is currently underway.

Next month, the project team estimates that 95 per cent of primary schools will have migrated to the eT4L environment. With the near completion of the migrations, the project will begin developing a review of the lessons learned as well as prepare for the BAU handover.

eT4L Secondary Schools

In the last month, a number of milestones were achieved in preparation for rolling out eT4L server and services across secondary schools in NSW. The Request for Quote (RFQ) for hardware closed and the evaulation has been completed. An agreement has also been reached to utilise DER resources on the project for the remainder of this year.

A number of key activities are scheduled for the next month. Some of these include:

  • Beginning the engagement process with secondary school principals.
  • Start to build a draft Phase 1 schedule based on opt-in schools.
  • Building of the SCCM 2012 secondary hierarchy.
  • Purchase and receipt of hardware.

LAN Remediation Primary Schools

More than 1500 primary schools in NSW have been assessed as part of the LAN Remediation project. As part of Phase 2, a target of 1000 schools are due to be assessed by the end of June. It is expected that assessments for those 1000 schools will be received by the end of this week.

More than 6000 pieces of hardware have been or are currently scheduled to be installed, including switches, modules and patch lead cables. It's anticipated that by the end of the year, all NSW primary schools will be networked to DEC or industry standards with all learning spaces connected.

LAN Health Check - Secondary Schools

Currently, initial requirements are being compiled for revised data collection tools. The scope of the LAN Health Check project is also being defined and the appropriate stakeholders have been identified and are being engaged.

Over the next month, it's anticipated that the scope of the project will be complete and a schedule for a pilot of this project will be developed. In addition, a Type 345 vendor under the NSW DPC Pre-Qualification Scheme will be engaged.

T4L Computer Equipment Rollout

Over the last few weeks, Apple MacBooks were delivered to Phase 1 and Phase 2 schools. The delivery of Apple desktop computers for Phase 1 and Phase 2 schools is underway and should be finalised by 31 May 2013. Lenovo based model notebooks were also delivered to Phase 2 schools.

DEC Software Catalogue

The T4L Program is working with a third party supplier, Tobias and Tobias, to create a user friendly front-end, allowing school staff to view and request software to be deployed on school devices.

The design of this interface has been completed for the first phase release and the functional specification is being drafted to enable the integration with the back-end database and application. Additional features and processes are currently being designed in readiness for a phase two release later this year.

Content to populate the catalogue, such as metadata and software descriptions is also being developed by the project team.

Library Management System

The Request for Tender (RFT) for a new library management system for schools closed on 3 May 2013 with the evaluation team convening a few days later to examine the responses. It's anticipated that the evaluation process will be finalised by next month and negotiation will begin with the successful vendor.

ITD Website

A new interface for ITD is currently being developed. The T4L program has engaged the services of Tobias and Tobias to assist with developing the yet to be branded website.

A number of workshops have been conducted to explore user and technical requirements and a branding exercise is also underway.

Training and Support

The Training and Support team is in the process of checking the currency of existing support resources for the learning tools applications and eT4L primary schools. In coming weeks, the team will begin developing training and support resources for eT4L secondary schools, the software catalogue and BYOD.

Bring Your Own Device

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) literature review has been completed. A BYOD Working Group has been formed with representatives from schools, ITD and regional IT teams to refine policies, guidelines and training and support materials.