Digital Citizenship

Do you have a POSITIVE Footprint?

Branding/ Reputation

- Your brand is showing everyone what kind of person you are.

- You want your brand to be positive! This is going to be peoples first impression of you.

- Future employeers and colleges want to hire people with positive Reputations.

- Only put things online that you wouldn't be ashamed to show your grandparents.

- Only post possitive comments.

Digital Footprint

  • Everything you do online.
  • Whatever you say, like or add online.
  • Pictures that you are tagged in or ones that you add yourself.
  • Everyone can see it.

"What Not To Do"

-Don't send or post something just because you are mad.

-Wait 24 hours to post something if your upset.

-Don't post messages that aren't true about someone.

-If you know someone who is being bullied online tell somebody about it.

-Colleges, jobs and your school may look at your digital foot print so keep it POSITIVE!


  • Bullying other people through electronic and social media devices.
  • Bullying at school can lead to cyberbullying.
  • Cyberbullies who get caught can get charged with a cyberharassment.
  • Cyberbulling can lead to passwords being hacked and identity theft.
  • Cyberbullying affects not only the victum but the family.

Cyber Bullying