Panui Week 3 Term 2

Waikawa Bay School Thursday 20th May 2021

Principal's Message



Dear Parents/Caregivers,

Tēnā koutou

Last Friday, 28 children competed in the annual Marlborough Primary School Gymnastic Festival. All teams performed extremely well. During the morning all children performed on the vault, beam, bars, floor routines, skipping and team formations, with some of our children scoring extremely high in different disciplines.

Our children's behaviour was excellent and as well as trying their very best, they really enjoyed themselves.

Thank you to the parents who supported us by providing transport on the day.

Our Book Fair held last week was a great success, with nearly $2000 worth of books being sold, which gives the school nearly $600 worth of resources. A huge thank you to all those who supported us by buying books and volunteering their time.

As the colder weather is starting to be more regular, we have noticed an increasing amount of jerseys being left lying around. We do our best to return these to the children, but it is very difficult when they are not named. Could you please ensure your children's clothing is well named and encourage them to take responsibility for their belongings.

There is a lost property area outside Pukeko and Kiwi rooms.

We have noticed the back gate of the school is often jammed open in the mornings. We realise this is a difficult lock to open for younger children, but this gate must stay shut at all times, as we do have children at our school who at times may wander.

Jim is installing permanent steps so children can reach the lock from the roadside of the gate, but in the meantime could we ensure the gate stays closed.

We were all shocked and saddened to hear of the sudden death of Heather Moller at Queen Charlotte College last Friday. Heather was a loved member of the community and her knowledge, caring nature will be missed.

Our thoughts go out to the staff and pupils of Queen Charlotte College and especially the Whanau of Heather.

Thank you for your support

Enjoy the weekend

Ka Kite anō

Peter Knowles

Maramataka - Dates for your Diary

  • 21st May - Pink Shirt day
  • 24th May - Parakuihi - Breakfast at Waikawa Marae
  • 7th June - Public Holiday for Queen's Birthday
  • 16th June - Mixed Ripper Rugby Tournament - Year 3 and up
  • 28th June - Teacher only day
  • 7th & 8th July - Student Led Conferences
  • 9th July - End of Term 2

Success in the community

Congratulations to Jade Hall (Kea Class) who placed 3rd overall for Grade 2 at the Marlborough Gymnastics Championships on Saturday 15th May. Well done Jade - we are very proud of you!

Garden mulch available

Contact the office if you would like some mulch - $20 for a trailer load, $25 for a double axle trailer, other quantities by arrangement. Various pick up times available - spread the word.

Staff Profile

  • Name - Erin
  • Age - 19
  • Role - Kaiawhina
  • Family - Mum Shirley, Dad Antony, brothers John and Jordy and sister Lisa
  • Pets - Dog Luna
  • Interests - Waka Ama and Volleyball
  • Hero - My Mum
  • Fav Subject - Te Reo
  • Fav Sport - Volleyball
  • Fav Food - Mac n Cheese
  • Fav Holiday - Would love to go to Rarotonga
  • I like Waikawa Bay School Because: Everyone is so amazing!

Pre-enrolments for Children turning 5 in 2022/2023

Do you have a child turning 5 next year or in 2023? If so, please complete the form below to pre-enrol them. It is important to note that if you have a child already at Waikawa Bay School, but do not live In Zone, their sibling does not automatically become eligible to enrol. Please check with the office if you have any questions about the enrolment process.
Pre Enrolment Form

Pre Enrolment form for Waikawa Bay School

We are looking for Cardboard to use in our garden - if you have any boxes or cardboard you could drop off to the office that would be great.

Kaitiaki - Enviro Group Update


We are hiring bee hives for our school from Urban Bees. Luckily we had Catherine and Matt come into school to figure out a place which would work for us. We have decided they would be placed by the back of the library.

Fresh Choice Picton

We would like to thank Fresh Choice Picton for their kind donation of $100 to support the hiring of the beehives.

Flowers for the bees

We have had a visit from Sandy from Bunnings to decide which flowers would be good for our bees. We have come up with a plan of miniature fruit trees and flowers. Sandy will be back to work with us on our plan. Thanks to Mr Keenan who is also very supportive of our plan.

Friendship Tree Plaque

We have a plaque being produced which will be put by our Friendship tree.

Nude Food

We are keen to eliminate packaged food as there is a lot of rubbish around our school. We have nude food tickets which children will receive for having no rubbish in their lunch boxes. There are prizes which have been kindly donated with help from EnviroHub Picton which will be handed out at assembly.


We are in the process of producing a cookbook with many healthy recipes that we produce with Mrs Price from our edible garden.


Unfortunately we have misplaced some of our pest traps in the overgrown foliage on the outside of the school fence. If you have any skills in weed eating or clearing scrub we would love to hear from you. Please contact the office.

Captains Close Forest Area

Mrs Askin is going to work with a group of children to set up an outdoor area that we can use at Captain Close forest area near the creek. We will keep you informed with our progress.

Fire Pit/Pizza Oven

We are wanting to create a fire pit/pizza oven with the support of an expert in this area. If you have the skills, experience, time and would like to work with a small group of children on the task please contact the office.

Earth Day Essays

Last term some of our senior students entered an earth day essay competition. Four of these students won highly commended prizes. As well as this Waikawa Bay School won the overall school prize in Marlborough worth $500. Please take the time to read the prize winning essays below.

Earth Day

Earth Day was created in 1970 with the purpose of raising awareness of some of the damage humanity has created in the environment and how to prevent it. Over 193 countries participated in the first Earth Day.

Earth is the only planet in the galaxy that has life and oxygen that has been discovered. Therefore we should protect and take care of our beloved home planet. Though we try our best to live in harmony with the Earth's lovely nature, we still harm it more than we think. Ever since the existence of humans they have upset the balance of nature and the extinction of many species has increased. Earth is a unique and valuable planet and so are its inhabitants. Earth Day organisers think it is very important to make people realise that if we keep being greedy, it will also affect us.

Some of the many ways we can save our planet are to plant trees and recycle. Trees are like earthś lungs and without them we are nothing. If it weren't for trees we would have no clean air to breathe. They breathe in CO2 and breathe out oxygen which is then there for us to breathe. Recycling is a simple process of reusing and decreasing the amount of rubbish. Earth Day organisers are organising a big cleanup throughout the world.

One of the things is when temperatures drop and things start to freeze . For those who like to ske like me just to let you know if you want it to snow you need to go with the flow. The most disturbing things in our environment is global warming which is when different chemicals are set loose in the air and mixed together creating heat waves. Global warming affects humans and many animals. Global warming can make temperatures rise quite rapidly. Although global warming is very bad it has its upsides, as it prevents a natural thing called an ice age watch is when temperatures drop.

Now you know how to go with the flow of nature I must now let you go but, always remember whenever you plan to celebrate Earth Day as well as you can.

Erin Beattie

Earth Day

Earth Day is a special day for our earth. The earth is like a tree with bright green leaves in the summer, which was before we started to pollute our rivers, seas and lakes. Now the leaves are turning yellow and are falling down to the ground, As climate changes go on with every leaf that drifts down to the dry, yellow grassy floor, Now fatal diseases go

on with more leaves that fall off the tree, like Coronavirus. This needs to stop!

We need to protect our environment, and to do so, we need to reduce our waste, recycle and plant tree seedlings to make Mother Nature happy! It’s good to look after our beloved earth. If we don’t do so, who knows what will happen..?

Like keeping our body healthy and well fed, the earth also needs care like: Picking up rubbish, it helps the earth, but when there's rubbish it's like fighting off a sickness, like Coronavirus it’s the same with the earth! Fighting off rubbish trying to not make it get to the sea and kill all the sea creatures.…

Animals all around the world are turning extinct, because of us. We need to at least keep some trees, to keep our kiwi’s alive! Not only kiwi’s but other animals, like Gorillas, Amur Leopards, Sibearean Tigers, African Wild Dog, Giant Panda, Asain Elephant and the South Chinese Tiger. Lets try and not do as much deforestation.

In 1970, April 22nd, Senator Nelson thought of a day called Earth Day. and it turned out that the people of the world liked the idea of Earth Day. It was fantastic! Earth Day is always on April 22nd every year! But in my opinion, I think it should be everyday! I hope that you agree with me.

My feelings for Earth Day are high, as I think it will be one of the best days for mother nature. I hope you agree with me, I hope Earth Day will go on because imagine this in your head: A thin, tiger, with fur like fire padding through its ”Home” which is now bulldozed down and stinks like gas and fuel. This can’t go on! Help our earth and participate in the events of Earth Day. Again, please help us out, all our wild life, waters, forests and jungles and most importantly the earth need your help!

  • Elsie Harrison

Earth Day

Earth Day was founded on the 22nd of April 1970.

The person who established Earth Day was concerned that not enough people were worried about the destruction of the planet that they were causing.

One of the most unnoticed , but dangerous problems today, is plastic pollution. Not many people realize how much plastic gets dumped on the ground and sea. Did you know that over 5,000 plastic bottles per day get dumped in the ground in America? If we continue to pollute the earth it will not be livable any more. Earth Day solves that problem with an app that tracks the amount of trash and helps us calculate the evaluation of pollution and devise a plan to stop it.

Deforestation is an ongoing danger to many endangered species of wildlife and plants. The trees which we are cutting down and burning, are going to waste. I know that because I am writing this in a classroom and watching kids using a piece of paper once and throwing it out. Earth Day supporters help with that by convincing more and more people to reuse and recycle.

Global warming is also affecting our world. It is melting ice caps causing rising sea levels, warming up waters, creating forest fires and creating weather issues. Climate change is bad but it is us humans that are responsible for all the damage. Through climate change humans have thoroughly upset the cycle of nature. Because of us many species of endangered animals have become extinct. Global warming has also made many animals endangered but still not as many as humans.

So as you can see, it is really important that Earth Day is respected because it helps save the planet. Support Earth Day by recycling and doing your part to keep our planet green and full of life. Also you can donate to Earth Day on Earth Days website and help make sure that we stay ahead of the pollution.

By Ainsley Slater.


Earth Day is an important part of our planet because it aims on saving our environment and everything on it and helps to strengthen our communities. Earth Day is celebrated on April 22nd by more than 193 countries.

One of the issues that Earth Day tries to help is recycling and reducing plastic in our amazing environment. Plastic affects the ocean and also the little critters inside of it. Did you know that the state of how much people litter gets higher every year. And it impacts both the human and ecosystem health. Littering clogs the waterways and the drains .And if we don't recycle our planet will be smothered by landfills. We need to decrease the plastic levels and change people's behavior towards littering.

Another issue that Earth Day tries to cover is deforestation. Deforestation can affect some of our native animals' homes. We need trees to take the carbon dioxide out of the air and replace it with oxygen. Deforestation creates landslides because we won't have anything to hold the earth up. We are upsetting the balance of nature so we need to plant more trees across the globe.

Did you know that humans are the main reason that we have global warming because of all the activities that we do.Global warming is caused by burning fossil fuels that pump carbon dioxide into the air .which increases heat trapping greenhouse gas levels in our environment. Global warming creates storms , heat waves , floods and droughts. It changes weather patterns in so many ways. So wet areas get wetter and dry areas become drier and it causes temperatures to rise like the sun.

And now you know why it is important to have Earth Day and how lucky we are to live in this amazing planet full of such wonderful things. So you should look after the planet .

By Sophia Robertson

Thanks a Bunch to Lily Bee Wraps

A big THANK YOU to the generous team at Lily Bee Wraps for helping out with prizes for the Nude Food campaign, we really appreciate their support.

Lost Property

We have a number of School Uniform items left behind in classrooms and in the lost property - please feel free to come and have a look through if you are missing anything.

Also - last term a distinctive Blue and Red Adidas jacket was misplaced ( see pic ), if you spot it anywhere, please let the office know.

Please keep an eye out for a size 6 uniform fleece with the name Victor Smith on the label. This was last seen on the front field a couple of days ago.

Would you like to get your child's name embroidered on their school fleece?

Pretty Things Embroidery & Design

As we are experiencing cooler mornings school fleeces are often misplaced when children are out on the playground or when it gets warmer throughout the day. Fleeces are often lost and in many cases have to be replaced.

Pretty Things Embroidery & Design are offering a great service: school sweatshirts/ polar fleeces professionally embroidered with children's initials, names and/or last names on the back (bottom). This will be very helpful in ensuring your child's fleece is always easily identifiable.

The cost of embroidery per fleece is $5 regardless of the number of letters and is much more cost effective than purchasing a new fleece when lost.

For more information please give Karen a call on 0211001228 or search @prettythingsembroidery on Facebook or Google.

Have you moved or changed contact details recently?

If you have moved or changed phone numbers/email address please contact the office so we can update your details.

Belonging Korowai

As part of our belonging inquiry unit, Kereru class created this beautiful Korowai. A big thanks goes to Hunter's Nan for putting this together for us.
Big picture
Big picture
Big picture
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