Let's be Brilliant

Usborne Books all the way!

Welcome to January 2016

So hope that everyone had an amazing Christmas and New Year and are ready to start 2016 with a bang!
Firstly I wanted to welcome all our new organisers who have seen the light and joined Usborne in December and January. Hopefully you all would have had some contact with your mentor and have events in the diary. Usborne isn't hard work - the books normally just sell themselves. Good luck with your business and please let either myself or your mentor know if you need help.

Gala & Conference 2016

I have just come back from the annual Gala/Conference in Stratford upon Avon which was amazing and well done to everyone who attended - hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.
Firstly well done to Sarah MacLean who was the 5th Top New Organiser of Division Butt with a personal sales volume of £3,423 - they must love their books up in the Hebrides!
Also a massive well done to all of Group Fieldmouse who achieved 4th in Top Group with a total title sales of £92,185 - wow wow wow!
We had a great guest speaker Andy Cope who wrote "The Art of Being Brilliant" which is a superb book and he was really inspiring. If you haven't read the book, then buy it, go to the library or find a friend who has it - it is a great read and really changes your perspective on life and your business.
Remember "Life is a Very Special Occasion" and "Happiness is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them".
He talked alot about changing the way you think about things and the one thing apart from the special pants (you need to read the book) was the Ritz Carlton mentality. They believe and so do I in the 10/5 principle. Basically this means that you should smile at anyone within 10 feet of you and smile and give eye contact to everyone within a 5 foot radius. I tried this today and it was amazing - loads of people smiled back and I felt really good about myself.
He also talked about the 7 second hug which is great - go on try it!

Travel Incentives - Gold Membership

There is a Travel Incentive for 2017 and if you achieve the criteria (full details on the website) you will be on a plane with me (because I am going for it to) and the destination is LAS VEGAS! All you need to do is promote yourself to Team Leader this season (upto April), then promote a TL in the next 2 seasons! It does seem hard but it is completely achievable and something really worth going for. Usborne really know how to organise a travel incentive.
Usborne Books at Home are 35 years old this year and to celebrate there will be a meeting at the Oxford Belfry with a party and dinner at the Crazy Bear in Stadhampton (which is amazing). All you need to do by the end of April is promote to Team Leader which means you need 4 active organisers in your team and a team volume for the month of £1500 (that is only £300 each). This also puts you into Gold membership on the business programme and unlocks lots more business and benefits

Facebook and Chatterbook

I have 2 private groups on FaceBook - one is Group Fieldmouse which is for everyone in my downline including my leaders and their teams. The other one is Team Fieldmouse which is for my direct organisers only.
Please make sure that you are on both and let me know if you can't get on.
The other forum which is really beneficial for you is Slack/Chatterbook which has been set up by Emma Butt (our divisional leader) and is for any organiser/leader in her downline. I have been through my team list and I think that I have invited everyone but again please let me know if you haven't received a welcome email from them or you can't get on.

Meetings & Catch Up's

For those of you local to Thame in Oxfordshire, there is a meeting being run by Emma Butt our Divisional Leader on Saturday 16th January from 10am. If you are able to attend, it will be really beneficial and it will give you the opportunity to meet other local organisers. I will be there (but don't let that put you off) and you will get a chance to look at the new catalogues and leaflets. Please let me know if you would like some more information.
I would love to catch up with all of you either face to face (with coffee and cake) or over the phone. So I am asking you to contact me by either phone, email or FB with some dates when you are free. As your Team Leader, I want to help you grow your Usborne business so please contact me!

Diary Fillers

Struggling to get events in the diary? How about looking on www.stallfinder.co.uk for events happening near to you? What about local toddler, music, play groups that you can go to with the books? Also is there a Leisure Centre near you - try and go when they have lessons on (captive audience). Don't forget to pester friends and family - would they hold a party for you? Local hospitals, Doctor's, Businesses are all good places for you to try!