Right Relationship For You!

Re-kindle the magic in all your relationships!

A New 'You' in 2017! Are you ready?

A 2 day interactive workshop in Bangalore by Raji Raaman to facilitate you in creating the space to discover a new you in every relationship. Includes a manual and a certificate!

  • 8 false assumptions about relationships
  • 5 Elements of Intimacy
  • 6 do’s and dont’s in a relationships
  • 10 keys to harmonious relationships
  • 24 Distractor implants release to create ease in relationships
  • 4 simple tools to create ease in relationships
  • 2 Body processes for enhanced Relationships
  • Communication vz. Communion in Relationships
  • Clearing Abuse in Relationships including Self Abuse!
  • Transforming relationships with money, your business/career
  • Plenty of Questions, Tools and Processes