Poetry Analysis Project

By: Caroline Morgan and Faith Nagel

be happy no matter what happens around you

Biscuit By: jane kenyon


what the words mean:

biscuit- the title

reward- the biscuit was his reward

mouth- that's where they put the biscuit

caring- the dog's owner was caring

stone- he didn't want to give him a stone

soft- the biscuit was soft

dog- the main thing in the story

offering- the biscuit was an offering

helpful- the owner was helpful

trusting- the dog was very trusting

power- the owner had the power to give it to him or to not give it to him

hard- it was a hard decision

loving- the dog was loving

bowl- that's why he got the biscuit

bread- a biscuit is a type of bread



what the words mean:

orchestra- the title

band- it also uses band instruments

horn- one of the instruments they use

drum- another instrument that they use

stomach- what they use as the drum

shiny- they don't have shiny instruments

enjoy- they enjoy it no matter what they had to use as instruments

fun- they still had fun

money doesn't by happiness- they just used what they had

using what they have- they didn't go and buy things that they needed



what the words mean:

embarrassing- the son seems embarrassed about his dad holding his hand and walking with him

caring- the dad is very caring towards the son

helping- the dad is also very helping

baguette- the title

wise- the dad seems wise about what will happen like in the first sentence

curb- that is where it takes place

rude- the son seems rude to the dad

walking- they are walking

hand- he grabs his hand

huge- the servings are big



graceless- the turtle is graceless

patient- the turtle is patient

annoying- the turtle is annoying

not persistent- the turtle is not persistent in going up the hill

practical- the turtle is practical about not being able to go up the hill