SW Snowden Elementary Highlights

May 5/30/16-6/3/16

Upcoming Events



5/29 Friday

Teacher Workday


6:00 pm Fossil Festival Opening Ceremony and Pageant

7:30 pm-10:30 pm Music

5/28 Saturday


(For a complete schedule, click on the link below.)


8:30 Fossil Festival Race

10:15 Parade line up

11:00 Parade

We also plan to have an SWS table set up in the Education Tent. Other tables in our area will include Summer Feed Program, Bright Futures and possibly a SPLASH table.

6/8 Wednesday

PK, K Celebrations and awards

6/9 Thursday (now a full day) Last day for Students


2:00-3:00 Awards Ceremony for 1st-7th grade

6/10 Friday

Required Work day for Staff


NASA Stem training for Staff


SPLASH Summer Program


Reading Camp for Grades 1-3 (These students should also be signed up for SPLASH)

8/22 Monday

Optional Staff Workday

8/23 Tuesday

Welcome Back Meeting for Staff (Mandatory Work Day)

8/25 Thursday

5:00-7:00 Open House/Orientation PK-8

8/29 Monday

First Day of School for graders 1- 8. Kindergarten will have staggered entry beginning that week. Home visits will begin for Pre-Kindergarten students.

Southside High School Graduates Visit SW Snowden

This Monday, the Senior Graduating Class toured feeder schools in their caps and gowns. Students and teachers and SW Snowden stepped out into the hallway to wish them future success beyond high school.
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Former Student Signatures

Several former Snowden students signed the Welcome Back poster including: Lawrence Brown, Shadrienna Roland, Shadron Roland, Mikey Meadows, Morgan Tyree, Rae'kwon Morning. Tamazja Dixon, LaShanya Dudley, Lloyed Moore, Patrick Coffey, Donshae Tatum, Bobzavier Lampkin. Lloyd Moore. Roland Moore, and more. Special thanks to our Student Government Association for making the Welcome Back Poster above.
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Thank You, Mr. Sharpe

Our Art teacher, Mr. Sharpe bought this series for our library. This author was discovered by the same editor who discovered J.K Rowling! There are 23 books in the series.

Free Ebooks


Technology is all around us, shaping how we as a society work, play and learn. Educational games, apps and e-books are terrific resources for helping young children learn about the world around them, increase their vocabulary and fall in love with reading. Reading Is Fundamental understands the power that books provide but for many of the children we serve, books are a luxury their families can’t afford.

That’s why RIF has partnered with ustyme to give the gift of a billion free e-books to the communities we serve. All families across the nation can access 50 classic e-books absolutely free, without advertising or fees of any kind.

Children can read e-books of their choosing independently, side-by-side with a caring adult or remotely in a live video call using the ustyme app. The app works for most devices, including Apple and Android devices, Chromebooks and any computer with internet access. Books including classics such as Goldilocks, Little Red Riding Hood, The Three Little Pigs and more are digitally mastered in HD and available in English and Spanish.

Be sure to tell your family and friends about the Billion e-Book Gift from ustyme and RIF with this easy-to-use toolkit.

Download your free 50 e-book library today!