Pink Fairy Armadillo

(Chlamyphorus Truncatus)

My Classifications

My name is Chlamyphorus Truncatus or more well know as Pink Fairy Armadillo, I am part of the:

  • Kingdom: Animalia
  • Phylum: Chordata
  • Class: Mammalia
  • Order: Cingulata
  • Family: Dasypodidae
  • Genus: Chlamyohorus .

My species is closely related to the Anteater, moles and other armadillo species. Like the mole, this particular armadillo spends most of its time underground, while feeding on ants for food like the anteater.


My species of the pink fairy armadillo, is known to get to 90mm- 115mm or 3.5in- 4.5in, in length, and weight around 120g, or 4.2 oz.

Although I like to spend most of my days underground, I prefer the grounds of South America, where there is dry grass lands and sandy plains. More specifically in Argentina.

Although I am known as being an omnivore (which means that I eat both meat, insects and plants), my favorite food is ants! I don't only eat ants, but also worms and plant materials. I normally venture out at night, when I feel it is safer to come above ground to hunt for food.

I am known to be polygamous, which means I go after more than one female at a time during mating season. Although I have multiple female pink fairy armadillo's, during mating season, I prefer to live on my own for the rest of the year. I live a very solitary life, were I can dig my life away creating new holes to place my shell and I.

Although I am not super fast on land, I am excellent at digging thanks to my large front claws. Since I travel at night, I don't know what my exact pace is above ground. My predators are Domestic dogs, because we are not fast on land, and we are used to traveling underground. We decide to go hunt for food at night, so we can protect ourselves from the domestic dogs and other predators.


If you are curious, my species of the Pink Fairy Armadillo, is known to be threatened of becoming endangered. We are becoming more and more rare to find because the growth of human civilization is causing us to loose digging spaces underground and our food sources are being taken away from us.


The pink fairy armadillo is the smallest of the armadillo species. We are also known to have a dorsal shell that is almost separate from our bodies, unlike some of the other armadillo species.

When the pink fairy armadillos are babies, they resemble their parents but in a smaller size. However, their dorsal shells don't harden all the way until they are fully grown.

I am the same size as a large rat, although I believe I am much cuter than a rat! I am also know to be able to bury myself in record time when I can sense danger is near.