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Newsletter (January 2016)

Happy New Year & Welcome Back!!!

Lara & I hope that everyone had a restful break!!!!

January is busy with the kick off of our PLC and AU-Literacy Course for Special Educators.

This month's newsletter will provide additional information on student data, professional development and case management reminders.

As always please reach out with any questions or additional support.

~Mueni Muthui, SEL


~Lara Huffman, Educ. Specialist


KUDOS to the following teachers for being selected as Peer Teachers for self-contained:

Tameka Dean (28-William Pinderhughes EMS) - SC/R Grades 6-8

Dawn McCrea (150-Mary Ann Winterling Elem.) - SC Grades 1-3

Susebia Cabrera (261-Lockerman Bundy Elem) - SC/R Grades 1-5

Contact Ms. Muthui if you are interested in joining a scheduled peer visit to their classrooms as we develop opportunities for special educators to collaborate and learn with their peers.

Agile Mind Training (Grades 6-8)

Do you need strategies to help with implementing or enhancing student engagement with Agile Mind in your classroom?

If so, then join us for Agile Mind training. During the training you will gain knowledge on how to plan and deliver the Agile Mind lessons.

When: Tuesday, January 12th 2016

Where: PDC (2500 East Northern Parkway)

Room: 110

Time: 4:00 – 7:00 pm

4-5pm Teachers will:

· understand the structure and purpose of Agile Mind program, including instructional content, assessments, data reports, and planning resources (this is a review from the November session)

5-7pm – Teachers will:

· develop fluency in planning and delivering instruction using embedded professional resources, in particular the Advice for Instruction.

· build a taxonomy of instructional practices that will support student engagement and conceptual understanding in an Agile Mind classroom.

This training is limited to the first 30 participants that register. Please register by January 8th 2016 by completing the following survey: Agile Mind Registration

If you have any questions contact Beth Sappe in the Office of Teaching and Learning at

*This PD is voluntary. No AU's or stipends are available for this training.*

CLN#7 Monthly PLC-January 16

January Topic-Teaching Math in a Multi-grade Setting

For Resource & Self-Contained teachers who were not able to participate in the AU course for Math, this is an opportunity to provide an overview of the math instructional models and instructional strategies.

Location: Belmont Elementary (#217), 1406 N. Ellamont St, 21216

Time: 3:oopm - 4:30pm

Please register at the following link:

Systemic PD (January 25)-DO THE MATH Intervention Training

Special Educators who have never had Do the Math intervention training, will have an opportunity to learn about the different components of the program in addition to strategies for effective implementation.

Location: Robert W. Coleman Elementary (#142), 2400 Windsor Ave, 21216

Time: 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Please register at the following link:

AU Course-"Teaching Literacy in Multiple Grade-Level Service Delivery Models"

Course Summary: Special Educators (resource and/or self-contained) will participate in DDIT professional development and activities in order to develop and implement collaborative lessons, modified instruction, and district interventions. Teachers will institute a modified Literacy instructional model. This model encompasses the Literacy Lesson Sets that will address multiple grade level service delivery models and specialized instruction; in order to guide small group instruction and intervention centers that will maximize the limited teacher directed instructional time.

*You must register for this course via PGS. Registration closes January 28th.*

East Side Location: TBD
Dates: 1/26, 2/9, 2/23, 3/8, 3/22
Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

West Side Location: #150 Mary Ann Winterling, 220 N. Bentalou Street
Dates: 1/28, 2/11, 2/25, 3/10, 3/24
Time: 3:00pm to 6:00pm

Peer Visits

Peer visit for self-contained Middle School teachers will be held on January 20 & January 28.

(visits for elementary are being planned)

Please contact Ms. Muthui if interested.

IEP Chair Monthly Training

When: January 20, 2016

Where: PDC (2500 E. Northern Parkway, 21214)

Time: 8:30am - 3:30pm

Case Management Reminders

● Special Educators with concerns accessing databases, please contact Ms. Muthui (SEL).

● Any data cleansing case on a report for more than 10 days or more than 5 cases total identifies a school as a school of concern-please, before you get to this point email L. Huffman for assistance or an explanation as to why the case is on data cleaning. This information Is reported weekly to the IEP Development Unit Coordinator and Executive Director of Specialized Services.

ALL amendments require approval from Education Specialist-please email L. Huffman when you need to make an amendment and wait for a response as to approval/next steps.

PARCC - Reminder for students with Verbatim Reading - there needs to be an Appendix-D uploaded in MDOIEP for students with this accommodation - please pay special attention to those students in third grade.

Specialized Instruction

Based on the PARCC Accommodations Manual, students receiving certain accommodations (i.e. verbatim reading, calculation device) as an accommodation MUST be receiving a researched or evidence based intervention.

(see PARCC Accommodation Manual for further guidance)

Interventions can assist teachers in providing specialized instruction to students with disabilities, but they also are an excellent data source to use in creating present levels and in demonstrating student progress in both reading and mathematics.

If you need support with training or implementation, please contact Ms. Muthui (SEL).

Literacy/Math Updates

1st & 2nd grade interim 2 for math is set to open; interim assessments are required to administered to ALL 1st & 2nd grade students.


After the diagnostic:

  • Check for rushing in the Class Profile report. Look for the alert icon next to a student’s name

●Special Education teachers who do not have their own class in SMS are able to create Instructional Groups in I-Ready. This will allow you to have access to all students on your caseload for instructional & data analysis purposes. Please refer to the Teacher Resources Guide in I-Ready in the Resources tab. If you are experiencing difficulty, please contact Ms. Muthui (SEL) for support.

Online Resources


PARCC Resource Center Directions:

1. Navigate to the PRC (

2. Click on the “Human” icon in the upper right of the PRC.

3. Click “create account”

4. Fill in the information required, marked with a “*” red asterisk.

PARCC member Code: MD1788

5. Click create a new account.

Community Learning Network #7-Special Education

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