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the Happy Referral: Get 8-10 New HAPPY Referrals Monthly

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WHAT I DO: I help Healthcare Professionals and Practices build amazing programs, SUCH AS SLEEP PROGRAMS and REFERRAL PROGRAMS, to enhance care and help patients while gaining more patients, adding referral sources,and increasing practice revenue.

HOW I DO IT: I provide web training programs, web workshops and content aimed at helping my clients discover how to generate more patients and more revenue for their practices.

WHO I WORK WITH: Since 2012 I've helped hundreds of dentists (orthodontists, periodontists, prosthodontists, GPs and more) and many other healthcare types such as MDs, chiropractors, physical therapists and more in more than 30 different states achieve real, measurable results when it comes to adding programs that work, focus on the patient, help the doctor and increase the practice revenue.

Join me, as I help you achieve greater patient care without adding any extra people or equipment, more referrals without breaking the bank (usually without spending anything at all), and higher practice revenue with less overhead and less staff.

Examples: Sleep Programs, Referrals Tools, Chronic Disease Management Programs, Webinars & Guest Webinars to other Physician patient bases, etc.

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Want to Discover How To Leverage the Secrets Behind: Dale Carnegie’s Book “How To Win Friends and Influence People”? Want to use this to Build A Raving Pack of Patient/Fans Who Refer You their Friends and Family Month In and Month Out, Regardless of the Economy or Anything Else.

Understanding these Tips and Helps I will give to you for FREE will allow you to build your healthcare practice, provide better and enhanced care to your patients, and run your practice with confidence and certainty. You’ll practically guarantee yourself a steady stream of quality patients, month after month, regardless of your local market or economy.

Your friends, current patients (hopefully they are friends) and your family will respect you for your care and innovation. And your practice will be rewarded by consistently seeing referrals of quality patients who want you to manage them and their care.

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