Prune Belly Syndrome

Genetic Disorder

What Is Prune Belly Syndrome?

Prune Belly Disease is poor development in abdominal muscles, which causes the pruned appearance of the stomach. Also, urinary tract problems occur and so do un descended testicles. This condition mainly affects boys. The cause is unknown, but while in the womb the abdomen fills with fluid and when the fluid disappears after birth the stomach is left in a pruned appearance. This disorder is fatal and many of the babies diagnosed are stillborn or can die within weeks of the birth. Children with Prune Belly Syndrome also tend to have lung and kidney problems.

Images of Prune Belly Syndrome

Chromosome & My Research

97% of the children affected by PBS are male and 3% are female. Also, PBS can happen in twins. (12.2 in 100,000 births) 7 out of 100,000 children are born with PBS. If I was funded money to research or cute this disease I would develop a test that helps determine if the child has PBS before it is born. Also, I would research on how to rebuild the abdominal muscles and drain the fluid out of the unborn babies stomach so the appearance of the wrinkled stomach isn't as bad.