Kingdoms of Africa

By, Jasmine Fernandez.

The Kingdom of Ghana

  • It was located in the upper Niger River valley, between the Sahara and the tropical forests along the West African coast.
  • The kings of Ghana were strong rulers who governed without any laws. They relied on an army of thousands of men to protect their kingdom and enforce their wishes.
  • Most of the people were farmers. But Ghana prospered because of its abundant supply of iron and gold. The blacksmiths of Ghana were skilled at making tools and weapons from iron ore.

The Kingdom of Mali

  • Mali is located not he Atlantic coast, but it extends far inland to the famous city of Timbuktu.
  • Sundiata Keita United the people the people of Mali and created a strong government.
  • Mali built its wealth and power on gold and salt trade, but most of its people were farmers. They grew grains, such as sorghum, millet, and rice.

The Kingdom of Songhai

  • The Songhai people lived along the Niger River, south of the bend.
  • In 1009, a ruler named Kossi converted to Islam and established the Dia dynasty, This was the first Songhai state.
  • The empire prospered because of the salt and gold trade.