A Day at home

By Tanner Reimann

I woke up in the morning. I grunted to the fact that my hair was messy. I got bed head one the other hand, I was regularly bored of going to school. I walked down the stairs of my bunk bed and walked down the hall way. I looked at the clock and it was 8:42 A.M. My mom said "No school" mom said "YAY!" I yelled happily. I went down stairs and I wanted to play A World For Keflings with my sister, Mikayla. I turned on the X-box 360. We built a lot of stuff, An Ice Palace, A Snowman shop and a chili shop. A world of Keflings is a building game. You first start in an Ice Place where you have to build and stuff tells you can build the rest of the portal to go to the Forest Place. There are three places Ice Place, Forest Place, and the Desert place. My favorite place is the Forest Place. Oh and also, there are little people to help you gather resources. If you want more little people, then you build houses. The little people are called keflings. You can name them too. Me and Mikayla got bored of playing Keflings. It is like 4:00 P.M. I shut off the TV and the X-box 360 and I raced up stairs. I wanted to play the kindle. I got it and ran to my room shut the door and got on my top bunk and watched videos.

Of course after I
watched 2 hours worth of videos I went to my favorite game on the kindle, Farm Story. It is 6:49 P.M.

It is time to eat. We are going to eat pizza because mom doesn't want to cook. It was good pizza. It had salmony,herbs, and pepperoni. We talked about stuff like, conference, Canada, and camping. I watch TV a lot but other wise I exercise. I took a shower in the up stairs shower. I use this stuff that makes my hair fluffy. It also smells good too. I washed my body with ax. I got out and dried myself.
I always go and watch TV when I get out of the hallway and into the living room.

Mom told me it is "Reading Time" so, I went up to my top bunk and read. I read AR books and The Zombie Chronicles. After 30 minutes mom told me "Bed Time" I fed my fish went pee and brushed my teeth. I went to my top bunk shut off the light and went to sleep safe and soundly.