9/11 The Day That Changed America

by Hannah L.

what was 9/11?

on September 11th 2001 something happened that changed america forever.It was a normal day in NYC,the workers in the north tower were doing their everyday schedule.schedule. Except there was a plane outside. The plane was flying extremely low. within seconds Boom! the north tower was hit by the plane! everyone rushed out of the tower,but that wasn't the only thing that happened. A few minutes later there was a second boom. The south tower was hit. Terrorists had hit the north and south tower, a field in Pennsylvania, and the pentagon. This is how many heroes were made and many victims, but the most important thing it did was bring America together.
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The Story Of Mike Kosowski

Detective sergeant Mike Kosowski was in the north tower on the phone with his brother, John. suddenly he hears jet engines throbbing. The throbbing quickly turns to a roar. Then an airline crashes into the north tower! Everyone is rushing to get out of the building. A few minutes after they hear a BOOM! again the south tower is hit by now they know this was no mistake to happen. Terrorists have high jacked the planes. Mike Kosowski is one of many heroes from 9/11.
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Hannah L.

Hi my name is Hannah I love turtles and live on a farm. I have 5 sisters and 3 brother, and was adopted from china when I was 22 months old.