The Invention Of Stubobin

By: Paige Buchanan

Intro (Start Here)

We started with some cardboard boxes and a bottle. We researched some idea's and can up with the Minion bottle rocket. We were so excited to get building this amazing rocket.

Our Materials:

  • Blue and Yellow Paint
  • Blue and Yellow Duck-tape
  • 2 Liter bottle
  • 2 cereal boxes
  • Paper
  • Electrical Tape
  • Googly Eyes
  • Garbage Bag

The Cutting of the bottle

The first thing we did is decided where we want to cut the bottle and how. We drew the lines to show where we wanted the bottle cut. We took the bottle up to Mr.Collins to cut a 1 inch slot with his exact-o knife. We then took the skizers and cut the bottom of the bottle off. Stay tune for the next step!

The Taping of the bottle.

So now that we have the cutting all done we can start designing our bottle. We used yellow and blue duck-tape for the colors on the outside. We also used Googly eyes and electric tape. We started to tape all the way around the bottle. We have some air bubbles here and there but it still looks pretty cool. After the blue and yellow tape was fully covering the bottle we began to attach the eyes. We used electrical tape for goggles around the eyes.

Don't Move There's More!

The fancy Fins

Now comes the fins. We made the fins out of a cardboard cereal boxes. We asked Mr.Collins what the best design for the wings are, he gave us a really good design. We drew the outline of the wings on the cardboard box with a sharpie. We made flaps on the fins so it's easier to attach them. After cutting out the fins we FINGER PAINTED them. After letting the fins dry we attached them.

The Yellow Hat (Nosecone)

For the nosecone I tied a string onto a sharpie to create the a circle shape of the nosecone. After drawing the curved line I cut the circle shape out. I then rolled it until the circle was now shaped like a cone. After doing that I used duck-tape to tape the nosecone together. After all that I punched holes in the nosecone to attach strings to. At the very top of the nosecone I put some clay for the center of gravity.


After I finished the nosecone I then made a parachute. The parachute was made out of a garbage bag. What I did was I taped the corners that I was going to punch the holes in so that it wasn't going to rip. I then punched the holes in the corners. I also realize that I need to punch holes in the middle of the two corner dots. So I did so. After making all the holes i then tied on my strings to the rocket. One tip is to have the nosecone strings longer than the parachute strings because then the nosecone forces the parachute to come out.