The South

Climate and vegetation

  • The South is warmer because it is located closer to the equator
  • Most of the south gets a lot of rain
  • In the South there are mangrove trees and bayous
  • Mangrove:tropical trees that are grown in swampy grounds
  • Bayou: marshy parts of lakes and rivers
  • As you move further west there is less rain fall


  • Native Americans used the soil to grow maize, melon, squash, beans, tobacco, and other crops
  • They have long growing seasons
  • Europeans migrated and built huge plantation
  • They grow Tobacco,Cotton and rice


  • Textile Mills began to build by entrepreneurs in the 1840'sin the Carolina's. They were built on fall lines.
  • Largest oil reserves are located in the south
  • synthetic rubber is one of the leading national product
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Changing Region

  • South attracts businesses because industrial plants were newer,in a better condition,and more efficient than those in the northeast
  • Moved to the south looking for jobs
  • the south's mild climate help the south grow.
  • retired people and tourist go to the south for winter relief.
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  • Houston, Dallas. and San Antonio are the three largest cities in the south.
  • Over half the African- American population lives in the south.
  • Miami-the gateway to the Caribbean and south america.
  • Atlanta-a major airline hub
  • Houston-large industrial and trading center
  • Washington Dc- The nations capital
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