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May 10, 2021

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We have 12.5 school days remaining. The last day of school for students is May 26th and it is only a half day. Elementary students will dismiss by 12:00 that day. We will begin loading students who are picked up in cars at 11:45. Buses will load at approximately 12:00.

Kindergarten graduation will be held on May 20th at 6:30 pm in the Felicity-Franklin HS competition gymnasium. Due to the capacity restriction, each kindergartner is allotted 4 tickets for guests. “Guest” includes each individual person regardless of size or age. We are using the Home Town ticketing system that is used for our HS sporting events. Parents of kindergarten students should have received a "Remind" message with instructions for claiming the tickets. If you need assistance, please email your child's teacher or call the elementary office at 513-362-5421.

HELP US WIN $5,000 FOR PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT! Check out the Kroger opportunity below and help us promote it so that our school can win $5,000 toward our playground! Just be sure to tell your friends and family to put 45120 and Felicity as their hometown pickup so that the order counts for our school. It goes by the number of orders (minimum $35 per order) so if you have an order that is twice that much or more, consider splitting the order in to multiple orders to increase the number of orders for our school! Don't wait...the competition has already begun! Thanks for your help! We only have until May 14th so please help us spread the word quickly.

State testing continues this week for 3rd graders. They will take the math test on 5/12 & 5/13. Please be sure your third grader is present on testing days. Thank you!

Have a great week!

Jennifer Keller, Principal


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Kindergarten Registration for the 2021-22 school year

Please spread the word that we are now registering kindergarten students for the 2021-22 school year. Follow the steps at this link and we will call you for a registration appointment.

May Breakfast Menu

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May Lunch Menu

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Most recent updates sent from the district

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Box Tops are a great way to help Felicity-Franklin Elementary School earn money for student activities!

Follow the steps below and be sure you use the school ID 206229 for Felicity Franklin Elementary! Thank you for your support!
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Parents: Please be sure to keep Final Forms updated with any information that changes!

If your phone number changes or you need to add a person to pick up your child, please be sure to change it in final forms. If your child's dismissal procedure changes just for that day or temporarily, please be sure to send a note.
Final Forms

Click on the link to access Final Forms

2020-21 School Calendar

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Elementary Arrival and Dismissal Procedures:


All students now enter door #9 at 8:25 (no longer door #8 for breakfast only) whether going to breakfast or straight to homeroom class.

All students must be in class prior to the tardy bell that rings at 8:50


Car riders' pickup- begins at 3:00 (must have a car tag- call the office for one)

Walkers- released at door #8 at 3:10 (parents- please do not pick up walkers in cars- it creates safety issues and car pickup line issues. If you want to pick your walker up in a car, get a car tag and add them to the car pickup plan).

Buses- Begin loading at 3:20

Instructions for registering a K-4 student

Click this link to get started

Felicity-Franklin Elementary

105 Market St
Felicity, OH 45120

phone 513-362-5421

fax 513-876-2051

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