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The Week of March 28th thru April 1st

Happy Friday,

Please enjoy your long weekend and the Easter Holiday with friends and family. We will see you back here on Monday!

Condolences to Caroline Hayes and her family, her beloved Father-in-love passed away this week. You are in our thoughts.

Registration Team...OMG! You are the Best of the Best! Hands Down! I cannot believe how many people we moved through this building!! A new world record was set!

Thank you Tech Team for sending out the helpful Tech Tips! Very helpful!

Sydney and Heather rocked the webinar this week and Isabel rocked it last time! So proud of you rockstars! It is no easy thing to present to your peers but so worth it, you all have a lot to share!

Please remember, after using one of the conference rooms, leave it the way you found it. Please reconnect all computer equipment, plug everything in, put things back on chargers so that the next guest will be ready to go when they arrive. Thank you!

Don't forget to enjoy our new water filter in the lounge! It is the small faucet next to the regular faucet BUT it delivers delicious FILTERED water! Save the planet and money!

If you are interested in attending ETSI this summer, please complete the online application in the email I sent.

Coming soon:

Wednesday, March 30th Team Leader @ 3:30

Thursday, March 31st Parent Coffee @ 8:30

Thursday, March 31st Hanen@ 12:30

Upcoming March Birthday Girls and Gaylon:

Kelly Gonzales March 28

Gaylon Anderson March 30

Noorjahan Khan March 31

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Happy Friday!

Beaty Brag Board

Here's the chatter!

  • Thank you so much Desiree for stepping in and helping out with an ARD at the last minute! You are a pro!! ~ Shaddi
  • Jennifer Newberry, you are an angel! Not only did you stay with me until after 6 o'clock to review ARD paperwork, you let me video your presentation! Thank you, dear friend. You are AMAZING and I LOVE YOU! ~Amy
  • Janice Calvert for being the best TA ever! You have been so helpful in making sure we always have everything ready for any new students that come our way. ~Shaddi
  • Jennifer – thank you for taking your time to help Amy with paperwork and being such a great mentor to her! – Coleen
  • Alex and Jeanne- You both make learning incredibly fun in class and the kids’ response show how much of an impact you make in their lives! I’m also grateful to have coworkers/friends like you!~ Sandra
  • Emily- thanks for being so helpful with lesson planning when I can’t be there- I really appreciate your suggestions for “speechy” activities! ~ Sandra
  • Jessica has been a SUPER help this last 2 weeks. “Thank you” doesn’t cover it!!! ~ Jennifer N.
  • Amy is a joy to work with and so conscientious! ~ Jennifer N.
  • Stephanie, you complete me! We make a great team!!~ Jennifer N.
  • Shauna- thanks for volunteering to gen ed for a brief at such short notice AND sharing great idea for small group activities! You’re always so willing to help out whenever you can” ~ Sandra
  • Shirley- You never fail to make my day with your humor! Your hard work over in your class also does not go unnoticed- working through lunch and whenever your hands are free...I see you! ~ Sandra
  • Sydney- you’re a rock star! I feel so honored and lucky to be working with our very own TOTY. Your heart for the kiddos AND their families is so apparent and only makes me want to be a better SLP! I don’t know what I’d do without you!~ Sandra
  • Shout out to Amy Rodiles for leading her first ARD and rockin it!! Way to go!! ~Bridgette
  • Lipi- Thanks for always making sure our classroom is in tip top shape! You’re one of the most patient people I know who never complains and just gets the job done- you’re awesome!~ Sandra
  • Phyllis- I appreciate all the hard work you do around the classroom! I can’t thank you enough for all the times you’ve thought of great ideas to help me improve my original lesson plans! We’re so lucky to have a creative mind like you!~ Sandra