Ways to Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

There are so many fun ways to reduce reuse and recycle!


We need to Reuse the items we throw away! If not, throw it in the recycling bin and make this a better place to live! Not only its filling the wastelands but its affecting animals too. Animals are coming back to their home as landfills and are devestated

There are some fun ways to stop this!

You can make toys for yourself, but not only that, support kids that don't have technology give them something fun to play with.

More ideas!!!

  • Use lunch bags not paper bags
  • refill water bottles or put it in the recycle bin
  • Reuse plastic bags for making many things like: a shoelace or anything of your creative mind.

Reducing and Reusing

Use lunch bags, not paper lunch bags. You can also reuse the water bottle that you have been drinking out of(plastic water bottles). Yard sales are very important as well. Don't throw away shirts or any other things you have. Someone younger than you will definitely want it!

Thank you and remember 3 R 's!!!