Committing to Play for a College

Madison Henry

1. 1.In this article we learn the story of 14 year old Haley who has been recruited by 16 different colleges before even beginning the ninth grade. The article talks about the pressures young teen s face when choosing what schools to sign for. The rules are that colleges are supposed to wait until the child is in high school and contact them through their coach however lately more and more colleges are individually seeking out these young stars to call dibs.

2. 2. The author’s objective is to shed light on the current issue of colleges pressing young students to make life decisions before their time. The intended audience would be parents and athletic students.

3. 3. I agree students already have enough pressure but to make such a major decision at such a young age can be stressful. Not to mention the fact that they haven’t even experienced high school and they might have a change of heart by the time they graduate on where they wish to attend college.

4. 4. I would add more examples to back up my thesis Haley was a great example but it needs more kids who demonstrate being stressed by college recruiters

5. This article would be under feature because it is about a specific person and the author interviewed her.