We Can Cook Club

Term 2 2016 ECA

Calling all budding chefs....

It's time for parents to sit back and let the kids cook!

At our "We Can Cook" Club our talented junior cooks shall not only be taught how to prepare simple meals but will also be exploring different types of food and ingredients, learning about a balanced diet and creating some fun 'food art.'

All of which whilst challenging their taste buds and trying foods they may not want to at home!

Cooking is a fun, interactive way to learn about food, hygiene and nutrition. It is also a valuable method of developing fine motor skills, concentration, planning, self-control and creativity - all of which will be practised during this fun ECA.

Grab your apron, wash your hands and let's get cookin'!

Thursday, April 28th, 2pm to Thursday, June 9th, 3pm

41 Sunset Way


  • Who: Enrichment - Grade 6 (minimum attendance 5, maximum 12)
  • Bring: A food container (image to be emailed separately to parents)
  • Cost: $250
  • When:Thursdays from 2pm to 3pm