Spring 2014 Best Practices

Joyce Bearden's EPortfolio

April 2014 Best Practice- Course Enhancements

April Reflection

Each month during spring semester, I have offered students a unique course enrichment related to the Latin 1 content.

March Best Practices Artifact- Positive communication with students

March Reflection

This month in collaboration with my focus on the Communication PD presentation, I decided to implement more positive communication methods in my classroom. In addition to the items above, I also called a few parents and shared outstanding praise. In the online environment, these little steps to create classroom community are so very important to student success.

February 2014 Best Practice - Tips for Success Newsletter

February Reflection

Please access the newsletter here: https://www.smore.com/8asf

I hoped to create a sense of community by offering tips and tricks for success in class. I helped students correlate their traditional class experience to online class.