All About Me

William Zamora

10 Words that describe Me

Curios, dreamer, warm, merry, hard- working, respectful, gracious, humble, truthful, lovable.

Every day, after school

Every day after school, I ride the bus home, do my homework and before I finish, I go out side to see my puppies and try to catch my kitten. When i'm done with homework I just lay around and watch T.V. until my mom gets home. On the weekends I play my Xbox with my brother, Isaiah.

Pieces of my Life

My Favorites

Favorite songs, movies, shows etc....

My favorite song is "Soy de Rancho", movie is "Once Upon a Time in Mexico", show is "El Chavo." There are also many, many more to say but i'll just keep it to the basics.

Soy de Rancho

Soy de Rancho is my favorite song, because it symbolizes to work hard and you'll get to were you want to be. El Komader is one of Mexico's finest singers now.