1E Newsletter: Week of December 6

What's going on in 1st Grade!

This Week...

Sunday: World Language, Library

Monday: MSArabic/Explore Time, PE, Music, National Costume

Tuesday: Code Day (class activity), Art, World Language, Sports Jersey

Wednesday: PE, World Language, Guidance, Qatar Colors

Thursday: Art, Music, International Week T-Shirt

Online Class Documents

New login! I have created a universal login for our online class documents and pictures. You are still welcome to use your child's Google login if it has been working for you (i.e. 27acarroll@asd.edu.qa; password: 6 digit number in the green folder). I think there has been some trouble with those logins, so this one will work too. You can access our online class documents for parent letters, documents students might need (i.e. optional spelling homework, high frequency words), guest reader schedule, etc.

Email: msanneparent@gmail.com

Password: asdohadragons


International Week!

International Week is coming up! Monday-Thursday, December 7-10-- here are the scheduled events:

  • Monday, Dec. 7: National Costume, Opening Ceremony (students and teachers)
  • Tuesday, Dec. 8: Sports Jersey, 5th Grade Concert
  • Wednesday, Dec. 9: Qatar Colors, International Week Buffet
  • Thursday, Dec. 10: International Day t-shirt, AMA Fresh Roukak sample, Closing Ceremony (students and teachers)

We will be talking about our own customs in class and all the places that we consider ourselves to be from! I consider myself to be from many different places-- adopted from Taiwan, US passport holder, grew up in Singapore, living in Qatar. I can't wait to hear where all the kids are "from"!

Homework Discussion

With International Week coming up we are asking that you have a discussion about a country that is special to you. We will be using this information during Explore Time. Thank you for having this conversation with your child!

Discuss what country is special to you and what makes it special and different from other countries. Do they have traditions? During explore students will design an artifact that represents that country.

Social Studies

This week we will be focusing the appearances of different ecosystems and how they compare to one another:

  • class research on the different ecosystems
  • using Pebble Go (online) to research on your own
  • comparing and contrasting the appearance of different ecosystems

Pajama Day Rescheduled

We will be rescheduling pajama day to Thursday, December 17th. We look forward to our day of pajamas and one special item the last week before the Winter Break.

After School Pick-Up

Parents picking up students from After School Activities on Tuesdays should enter through Gate 8. A kind reminder to all parents to bring and display your ASD Dragon Card at all times while on campus.

ASD Calendars 2016

​The 2016 ASD Calendars will be for sale in the Elementary Office starting Sunday December 6th. These make great gifts for friends and family, get yours today!

Collecting Boxes and Paper Rolls

We are still collecting cardboard boxes such as cereal boxes/pasta boxes/etc. and toilet paper/paper towel rolls. The students love to build and create things with them during explore time and we are going through them pretty fast. A big Thank You to everyone who has sent items in-- we are still looking for more! Please send in your unwanted cardboard packaging so we can create with it in class!

Upcoming Dates

  • December 7-10: International Week
  • December 10: Movie Night- Outdoor- Rio
  • December 17- Christmas Class Party, Pajama Day
  • December 18-January 2: Winter Break