Dangerous Health Myth

"Calories Don't Count, but Food Does"

The Problem At Large

Dieting has gotten more and more popular as they obesity epidemic has risen in America. Instead of being portrayed as a diet, the term "lifestyle change" has been thrown in the mix lately. Among the many plans, a raw food diet has been particularly appealing. Most health fanatics claim that this cleanses them and they feel more energized and even lose weight. What some people don't take into account is the total calorie intake. Just because you're eating healthy doesn't mean you are guaranteed to lose weight.
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Can you guess how many calories are in this "healthy" picture?

330- Nuts

227- Beans

700- Fruits& Vegetables

160- Chocolate

Eating everything in this picture, even though it's all healthy and natural , would result in eating almost 1500 calories! That's enough to last an average sized woman who doesn't excercise one whole day.