Vote For Columbian Exchange

David Franklin

What the Columbain Exchange

Why you should vote for Columbain Exchange positive

One thing good about the Columbain Exchanges is that they

brought chickens cows and horses. The reason why it was positive is because the Native American never saw animals like this before and the Europeans was welling to give them some of the animals. A second thing is they brought corn,tobacco,tomatoes and peanuts.The Native were willing to share there food so the Europeans were going to do the same.The last reason why is that I think you should vote for the Columbain Exchange is that the Europeans didnt want to look for gold they wanted to learn for the Native Americas

Support The Columbain Exchange

There are some thing about the Columbain Exchange.One thing is that the Europeans brought disease that killed a few of the Native American.Another thing is when the European brought horses they feared the horses,because the Native Americans thought the horses were big dogs.But the the Native American used the horses for there own purposes.One last thing is that the Europeans brought potatoes and some were not good but they ate them and then they past away.