The Charlottetown Conference

The 4 countries that are in need of a talk.

At the conference

The conference began on Thursday September 1 with a banquet for the delegates. Except for Sunday September 4, when they did not meet. The representatives from the Province of Canada dominated the conference, overshadowing the concerns of the Maritimes, and laying out foundations for the union that benefited them the most . Spent outlining the Canadian position, and the Maritime representatives did not discuss their own plans until September 6 and 7. One Canadian delegate, George Brown, spent two days discussing the details of the proposed constitution, which would keep Canada within the British Empire.The conference concluded on Wednesday September 7.


The people were excited with success and the celebration party continued in Halifax, Saint John and Fredericton. But the terms of the union remained to be worked out .

New Brunswick

  • Edward Barron Chandler

  • John Hamilton Gray

  • Samuel Leonard Tilley

  • William H. Steeves

  • John Mercer Johnson

  • Albert J. Smith

Prince Edward Island

  • George Coles

  • John Hamilton Gray

  • Edward Palmer

  • Andrew Archibald Macdonald

  • William Henry Pope

Province of Canada

  • George Brown

  • Alexander Campbell

  • George-Étienne Cartier

  • Alexander Tilloch Galt

  • John A. Macdonald

  • Hector-Louis Langevin

  • William McDougall

  • Thomas D'Arcy McGee