Things I like to do

By Trinity Mendez


I like to play soccer sometimes because its fun and for me its pretty easy. Me and my family play sometimes and I usually win but my brother is pretty good too.

Making food

I like to make different types of food sometimes and try new things with food when I get hungry. I also like making food for the whole family too like my mom on Mothers Day. When I get bored I look in the pantry and I want to eat something I would see some fresh tortillas and make burritos with turkey and cheese. Also I would eat some chips or something sweet.


When I sing I love to sing all types of songs and my family tells me I can sing. I like the songs that I sing but I hate when I can't sing the songs I like, when I am sick

This is a picture of Selena y los dinos

My family loves her and we miss her.


I like to listen to music that is usually Kumbia and Rap. I sometimes like country depending on the song. Today I was supposed to be in Corpus, Christi to go to the Selena Quintanilla Tribute but could not because of the math staar test and also there were risk factors with who was taking who and things going on, but hopefully theres another tribute that I am able to go to.