all about fdr

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Franklin D Roosevelt gave people hope and courage during hard times. Many people think that he was the g president in our nation. Mr.Roosevelt was a diligent man even though he had a disability. FDR was a amazing leader.

Early life

FDR did amazing things in his early life. He was bone in Hyde Park, New York. He went to boarding school. At age 16 he was the manger of a baseball team. FDR was the governor of New York. FDR was a hard worker young man.

Personal Challenges

FDR had a lot of personal challenges. In 1921 he got infect with polio. He could not walk after age 39. He exercise diligent hoping he would be able to walk again. He exercise at Warm Springs GA. Even though he had polio he still went after his dream.


FDR had a lot of contributions. He was the first president to served four terms. FDR started the new deal. The WPA was another new deal program. The CCC was another new deal program that gave workers a sense of pride. Roosevelt was a amazing leader.