leprechaun trap


leprechaun trap

How to trap a leprechaun they are sneaky.

leprechaun trap

Thursday, March 17th, 10am

Laurel-Concord High School, Laurel, NE, United States

Laurel, NE

You have to make a trap and make the diagram for your trap. you also have to make sure that your trap works. It is called the Leprechaun trap.

Leprechaun Trap

This is how my trap is going to work. First of all you to have your trap to work. You have to have a incline plane, lever, screw, wedge, wheel and axel, and a pulley. This is what I'm doing-- I'm using an incline plane a fishing pole, a pot of gold, a hat, and fishing line, screws, and then when the leprechaun comes and gets the gold I will push the button on the fishing reel at the bottom and the hat will will fall on top of him.