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May 3rd, 2019

Benjamin Scoville, Director
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From the Director

Dear CDS Community,

It's hard to believe that Term 5 is already here!

In only five short weeks the 2018-19 school year will come to an end. Although the year is winding down, and the weather is warming up, it's important that students maintain their focus as we prepare for Spring MAP testing and final exams. I know these end of year assessments can be tough, but there is still much to look forward to between now and June 7th.

The student council is hard at work planning this year's Dalton Soiree. We have the Middle School Athletic Banquet coming up, as well as the SDL Showcase, MS Art Exhibition, Summer Concert, and Arch Day! It's an exciting time for CDS Middle School.

Please take a moment to enjoy highlights from the past week including the Term 5 Assembly, 8th grade field trip to the Korean War Memorial Museum, Spring Book Fair, and many great learning moments.

Have a great weekend!

Benjamin Scoville

Director of Middle School

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[Upcoming Events]

Grade 4 - MS Transition Week

We know that transitioning from primary grades to middle school can be an exciting and sometimes frightening period for students. The activities we have planned for the Grade 4s this week will ensure our new students will feel safe and prepared on their first day of middle school. We look forward to welcoming them!

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MS Summer Concert - "Optiphonix"

We are running to the end of 2018-19 School Year and here is information regarding 2018-19 CDS MS Summer Concert. I hope to see many of parents come and cheer our middle school students up. Thank you.

- Date: Monday, June 3 @ 6:00pm

- Location: Dalton Hall

- Participants: All 5th-7th Grade students will be performing.

*If a 5th, 6th or 7th grade student will not be coming to school on June 3 (ex. family travels), please notify Ms. Van Liew immediately explaining the situation. She will find an alternative way for the student to participate in the concert and earn their Music grade for Term 5.

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[This week, around CDS MS]

Music class with Ms. Van Liew

The 5th graders completed a Music Technology Unit during term 4. Students learned how to use two different music-making software programs. For a final project, students chose which software they would like to focus on and worked to create their music.

Some students, like Sophia, composed a piece of music on a notation software called Flat. Then, they learned how to play it on their instrument and performed it. Other students, such as Sanghyuk, created an .mp3 file on a program called Soundtrap. Then, combined the file with some other non-musical element to accompany the music. Sanghyuk made a stop-motion video. Many students demonstrated great understanding and skill as they presented their projects. Watch the sample videos to enjoy the music making made from the 5th graders!

- Ms. Van Liew

English with Ms. Montelibano

Throughout the year, the students in English as an Additional Language (EAL) have been writing pen pal letters to students in a 5th grade class in St. Paul, Minnesota. They have been able to share details about their lives, CDS, and Korea. Similarly, they have learned about their pen pal's school, MMSA, life in the United States, and the interests of American 5th graders like Fortnite, American Football, and Harry Potter.

Several times as the students were reading their letters, they would say things like, "We have so many things in common!". This week, they wrote their last letters to their pen pals as it takes about 3 weeks for mail to get from Incheon to Minnesota.

- Ms. Montelibano

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Science with Mr. Keel

This week in 5th grade general science, students used the skills they have developed and knowledge they have acquired to identify local plants. Using plant structures like flowers, cones, leaves, and needles, students were able to identify the family that different plants around the CDS campus belong to and find each species' universal scientific name.

The identification of each plant gave way to a discussion of how each unique species spreads pollen, attracts pollinators and distributes their seeds. As the vibrant colors of spring come to life around CDS, the fifth graders are pondering what they have learned and how they have blossomed over the course of this school year!

- Mr. Keel

Grade 8 - War Memorial Museum Field Trip

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Term 5 Assembly

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2018-19 Spring Book Fair

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[MS Athletics]

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Grade 5's Basketball Game @KIS Pangyo

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Middle School Documents

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Upcoming Events

  • 5/6-10 - Grade 4 MS Transition Week

  • 5/10 - Parent - Teacher Forum: 8th Grade High School Transition

  • 5/11 - Grade 5 Soccer @CI

  • 5/11 - Boys Basketball @CI

  • 5/11 - Girls Basketball @KIS

  • 5/13-15 - Spring MAP Testing

  • 5/15 - CEMC contest (@CC Time)

  • 5/16 - SDL Showcase Rehearsal