Woodworking out the Triginometry

What you need to know to use trig everyday

What even is Triginometry

Triginometry dates back to greek time, and is the way in which angles of a triangle can relate to the length of the triangle. Triginometry is used today in many ways and some would argue that it is one of the most useful things that you will ever learn in a highschool mathclass.

What formula to use

There are three main formulas that are used when doing triginometry problems, those being sine, cosine, and tangent. There are also the inverse of these equations, which are used when you are attempting to find the angle measuremnets rather than the lengths of the sides. A way to remember what formula to use is SOHCAHTOA. That may sound like some Indian word, however it actually works.

SIne- Oposite over Hypotenise

Cosine- Adjacent over Hypotenuse

Tangent- Oposite over Adjacent

The main equations to use

What side is it anyway

One of the hardest things to figure when dealing with triginometry is what side it is. It all depends on the angle. The opposite is opposite of the angle. Adjacent is the line that is next to the angle that is not the hypotenuse. The Hypotenuse is the longest line, and goes from the end of the opposit to the end of the adjacent.