Rountree Report

February 5, 2016

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Inspiring moment

When Dr. Anderson and Dr. Dawson came to visit they stopped to talk to a 3rd grader. They asked him what he was up to. He responded "awesomeness". May we all seek to align our thoughts, attitudes, and actions to display our own "awesomeness". (This was a student that had experienced a death in his family of a very young aunt only days before).


Testing guides, practice tests, and testing tools for the MAP are all now available on the district website at the link below. Students need to be using the testing tools now. The more familiar they are with them the better prepared they will be. The testing window is April 11 to May 13. A schedule will be coming soon!


  • Our Ignite model classrooms will be deployed at the end of February. Be on the lookout for more exciting Ignite info and updates!
  • Have your students completed their unit reflections. Are their binders up to date? It might be time to take some class time to get those completed and added.
  • I would love to come and observe a lesson of your choosing this quarter. You might choose a lesson that highlights one or more of your growth indicators. It is up to you.
  • Don't forget to use the Friday Feedback form in Google. I appreciate those of you that are using this form. It helps me to be aware of issues and to provide the support you need. If you have trouble accessing the form let me know and I will share it with you directly.
  • Don't forget to recognize your colleagues by clicking on the button at the bottom of the page. It has been so wonderful reading these. What an awesome, supportive team we have at Rountree!

Staff meetings this month will be on February 9 and February 16.

Monday, Feb 8

5th grade field trip to Crystal Bridges

Tuesday, Feb 9

Staff meeting 4-5 We will be looking at some Bright Bytes data and gathering input as we choose a building goal.

Wednesday, Feb 10

Math competition 8:00

4th grade wax museum 2:15

I will be out at Principal's meeting

Thursday, Feb 11

5th grade guest speaker 1:30-2:30

Friday, Feb 12

9:30Winter reading challenge winners assembly

1:30-2:30 3rd grade summative book party in the library

2:30 Valentine's Day parties

Employee Recognition

Take some time to nominate a colleague this week. You are doing outstanding things! Let's recognize each other!