Second Grade News

January 4, 2016

January Events

Jan. 12-Spirit Assembly 9:30 am

Jan. 18 Martin Luther King Day-No school

Jan. 26 Early Dismissal-End of 2nd Marking Period

New Student

A new student is joining our class his name is Mark Wickmann. He will be starting on Monday. We would like to welcome him to our class!

Polar Express Day

Things We Will Learn About This Week


  • identifying the character, setting, problem
  • contractions
  • details and main idea


  • writing a paragraph
  • topic sentences, details


  • line segments
  • parallel lines
  • polygons

Social Studies-Geography

  • How do we use maps?
  • Using a grid on a map


  • How does sound travel?
  • What types of material does travel well through?

Spelling-Sort 21-short and long I

Please visit Spelling City to study the words-

Holiday Party



Fluency page

Spelling page 23

Math Home Link 5.1


Fluency page

Spelling page 24

Math Home Link 5.2


Fluency page

Spelling page 25

Math Home Link 5.3 (Complete only #1 and 2. Do not bring in shapes.)

Extra Math


Fluency page

Study Spelling Words

Extra Math